Scanner Installation - Twain Driver Questions

  dublincity 00:22 29 May 2003

I have a new CanoScan D646U Scanner and it seems that I need to have a Twain Driver before it can be installed. I have downloaded what I believed was the correct program(s). I am a novice and do not uderstand the following, (a) there are now 4 related icons on my desktop and when I click on them I get a message saying 'such-and-such is not a valid Win32 program', (b) I can access, via Fresh Download Manager, what appears to be the program for installing the Twain Driver, however, when I move to the Win'98 section, The first 'Next' button is 'frozen'. Any advice will be welcomed. Thamks.

  woodchip 00:31 29 May 2003

The twain driver is on the CD you got with the scanner. Is it a USB scanner.

  dublincity 02:26 29 May 2003

Hello again Woodchip. Thanks for advice. The on-screen info from the CD repeatedly tells me that the Twain driver is not installed but it doesn't explain how to do that. It tells me that I might, or might not, install the associated software but that the scanner will not be useable until the Twain Driver is installed. Cheers. dublincity.

turn off the computer ,plug in the scanner then reboot, the computer should detect new hardware and search for a driver for it, if it cant find one it will ask you for a disk, put the disk in and direct windows to the drive with the disk in, it should be able to find it.

if the computer does not find new hardware at bootup use the add new hardware wizard in the control panel and follow the instructions therein

post back if still no joy

  dublincity 03:08 29 May 2003

Hi horiz5. Thanks for advice. I've tried that before. When asked to enter Drive - I didn't have an option for 'D' - just for 'A', 'D - blah' or 'D - blimp'. One way or another, my PC did not recognise that any new hardware was connected. The same thing happened on the same day with my new Canon Printer i550 but with that I could install it manually - by the process you describe. That involved going down the list of 'type of hardware' and clicking on 'printer'. The same list does not include the word 'scanner' - maybe there is a jargon alternative word? It's not 'imager' since that is a digital camera. Cheers.

  dublincity 05:18 29 May 2003

I've made progress in that I've found and followed the 'Help' items that are on the CD. With my symptoms, the suggestion is that my BIOS settings need to be changed in order that the USB is made compatible with the scanner. I don't understand this nor can I even find BIOS settings anywhere. Help!

  Maddie 09:26 29 May 2003

Search cd that came with scanner for folder
"scangear\engish" inf file and pointers to twain drivers usually there unless newer ver of S/w
in which case drivers are the first thing set up on s/w inst.

i found some drivers on the canon website,click here for your scanner try downloading these and storing them in a folder on your hard drive. does the scanner show up in device manager? if so update the driver from there,
dont dissmiss the term imager as that is exactly what a scanner is. there is a slim chance as you are running win 98 (is it 98 or 98se?) that your motherboard does not support usb 1.1 just the older usb1

  woodchip 17:20 29 May 2003

Sorry for not getting back to you but I am trying to prepare for a week away with the caravan. I have just read you E-Mail yes I got them All 3 messages, you need to go into Setup when you start your computer, it will tell you what key to press to enter setup like Del for Delete you have to navigate with the keyboard instructions bottom right of screen. You need to find the Page that allows you to Enable USB. Then Exit and Save settings. Do not have the Scanner connected when your computer reboots. Let it get back into Windows then have your Win98 scanner CD ready, plug the scanner in with the mains adapter plugged in When it says it's found new hardware and asks for windows disc click "CANCEL" after the box as gone put your Win98 scanner disc into computer it should auto start if it does not go to run browse the CD for the setup file and double click it and run it. That should setup your Scanner

  dublincity 09:18 30 May 2003

Thanks to Maddie, woodchip & horiz5 for the advice. I will read and digest it all and then get back to you and the site. Cheers.

  dublincity 11:59 30 May 2003

Thanks for all the advice.

(1) I am on Win’98SE – it was Win’95. I have a few Diagnostic Progs which are good for me as a beginner to learn from. I can’t find a ref. to USB but have found the following:- Plug and Play v 1.0, BIOS PLUS v 1.10A, Ports 2COM/1 LPT. This doesn’t mean much to me. Does it tell anybody else anything useful about my problem?

(2) I am a ninny – I have no idea what ‘Setup’ is nor have I yet been able to find it. Any advice will be welcomed. I will persist.

(3) I did eventually manage to d/load what I believe was the correct program(s). But (a) there are now 4 related icons on my desktop and when I click on them I get a message saying 'such-and-such is not a valid Win32 program' [what does this mean?], (b) I can access, via Fresh Download Manager, what appears to be the program for installing the Twain Driver, however, when I move to the Win'98 section, the first 'Next' button is 'frozen'.

Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks.

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