Scanner connection problem to new pc

  caulkhead 14:08 01 Feb 2003

I've just purchased a new pc.My hp scanjet 5p (4/5 years old ) can't connect as it has a 50pin SCSI-II interface cable (which went into the interface card I installed to the old pc ) and the new pc has a 25 pin socket and usb's.
Is there a 25 male/50 female adaptor available and would it work or do I need to replace the scanner? I can't see where I could transfer the old interface to the new pc.

  Djohn 14:38 01 Feb 2003

Had a little look round and can only find drivers for DOS5, and win 3.1/95, so may not be compatible with XP even if you can sort the connection.

Hope you can find one that works, only good news is, if you can't then you will notice a big difference with new USB scanner if you do have to purchase.

  caulkhead 14:56 01 Feb 2003

Appreciate your time Djohn. I think now a new scanner is on it's way.

  Djohn 15:09 01 Feb 2003

caulkhead, Your welcome, sorry I couldn't find anything more positive. J.

  wee eddie 21:47 01 Feb 2003

Djohn. Is that true?

I was told that a lot of SCSI scanners do not have XP drivers written for them, but why not keep the old scanner connected to the old PC in some corner somewhere as a standalone scanner.

  Djohn 21:54 01 Feb 2003

wee eddie, Not sure about the speed side of things, I was refering more to the overall quality of scanners in general, and how they have improved facility wise over the last couple of years.

£75-00 will now buy what would have cost many hundreds a few years back. .

  wee eddie 09:15 02 Feb 2003

I picked you up wrong.

My real point was that unless your scanner, or for that matter some other periferal, is in constant or regular use, it might make more sense to keep the old system tucked away in the corner somewhere and wheel it out whenever you want to use the aforesaid periferals again.

Also, having moved all your old clutter off the HD, it will become something like it's keen old self again.

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