User-E577C2B7-30BA-4DC0-8BABC76A252E9E06 10:38 14 Feb 2003

Hi all, is it normal for my scanner lamp to stay on once i've closed down my PC?? Connected via USB connection. thanx Ian...

  Djohn 10:48 14 Feb 2003

Yes, it is stll receiving a small input from the Motherboard, if you have the No.lock selected on your keyboard, then this should be on as well. J.

no, the no.lock light goes out?? Its only been like this since a new motherboard installed yesterday?? Not to worried but it was not like that on old system.. Thanx Ian..

  woodchip 11:29 14 Feb 2003

The light should go out after a set time, normally you can adjust the time in the scanner properties. If it will not let you remove the scanner and reinstall

  woodchip 11:32 14 Feb 2003

PS is it the same motherboard as you replaced, if not then you would be better to format your drive and reload you OS and software as you will find that other thing will be affected

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