braiman 11:49 28 Sep 2005

I have recently purchased a new pc. I am very pleased with it. I have a scanner hp5400c which operates OK with the pc but as it is 4/5 years old the software does not cater for windows XP it only goes to ME, One fuction that does not work is scanning direct to cd. i have been in touch with HP but they were helpful but did not really solve anything.I know that i can manage by scanning to word pad then to cd but am curious as to if this is resolvable rgds Braiman

  MAJ 12:13 28 Sep 2005

XP updated software for that scanner are click here , braiman. They're 62MB so I hope you don't have a dialup connection. :-)

  Chegs ® 13:56 28 Sep 2005

I have an even older scanner(ScanJet2100C)that had me running a dual-boot of 98se+XP to use initially.I d/l the HP driver for XP,but had an absolute nitemare getting XP to relinquish its control over to the HP software.I finally discovered the driver installed easiest with XP on FAT32(although still hardwork)then convert over to NTFS.The scanner eventually became unused as I couldn't be on with the fight to get it installed.Recently,I downloaded the HP driver again,and had another go.It went in perfectly,only causing a fuss if I reconnected the scanner to a different USB port(shifted all my PC gear to a different part of room)As long as XP isn't aware of the scanner BEFORE you install the HP driver,you should't have any troubles(only if your on dialup)

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