Scanned documents-convert into Word-How?

  Kooji 14:28 11 Feb 2009

Hi all,

Can anyone help. I have scanned some documents (saved as PDF files) and I wonder, is it possible to access, or save them in Word. I would like to chop and change some of the paragraphs and add my own notations before printing off. Is it possible to do this-if so, how is it done? Simple explanations very much appreciated.


  wee eddie 14:40 11 Feb 2009

Optical Character Recognition.

Run that on the Document.

  sunnystaines 14:41 11 Feb 2009

does your scanner software not give an option of different formats to save docs too.

  Kooji 14:54 11 Feb 2009

Hi wee eddie and sunnystaines.
I have an Epson Stylus DX6000 scanner. I'm not sure it has an OCR option. I have file save settings which are: PDF,BITMAP,JPEG,TIFF.I save the documents I scan as PDF files and they automatically open with Adobe Reader, which is fine but I can only read them from there. I really would like to move them into Word so that I can work on them. Is that an option with the kit that I have?


  wiz-king 15:06 11 Feb 2009

No, they are picture formats.
You will need a OCR programme, there may have been one with the scanner. If you click on the printer in the programs menu it may give you more options. I don't have that printer so I cant have a look.

  Grey Goo 15:10 11 Feb 2009

As has been advised you need your documents saved as a text file rather than a scanned picture image.

  Clapton is God 15:21 11 Feb 2009

Doesn't look as if this model has OCR software click here

  Grey Goo 15:23 11 Feb 2009

Should have ABBYY fine reader with it.

  Clapton is God 15:25 11 Feb 2009

Look here click here

  Kooji 15:48 11 Feb 2009

Hi again all of you really great people. SUCCESS!! I have found the ABBYY fine reader (I had no idea what the heck it was until just now) sitting in the all programs menu. I followed the instructions and have achieved what I wanted. So another Triumph for this fantastically helpful forum.
Many Many Thanks


  Grey Goo 21:06 11 Feb 2009

de nada

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