scandisk won't work

  mad1234 16:24 04 May 2008

hi guys,
i have noticed over the last few days that my laptop running windows XP is running a little slow so i have decided to do a little maintanence on it.
i started with a defragment then i have tried to do a scandisk but when i reboot my lappy i get this message
'cannot open drive for direct access'
can anyone tell me how to fix this so i can do a scandisk?
any other suggestions on how to speed it up would be gratefully received


  johndrew 16:35 04 May 2008

You may find this of help click here or click here

  mad1234 17:11 04 May 2008

thanks johndrew
looked at them but i can't seem to get my lappy to boot up in safe mode it gets so far then just sits there. any suggetions?
could i have a virus which is causing this?

  Ditch999 19:30 04 May 2008

If Windows wont start up, even in Safe Mode then you will probably have to do a Repair with an XP CD.

  mad1234 20:51 04 May 2008

thanks Ditch999 but windows will boot up normally but not in safe mode.
i have now scanned for viruses & used advanced windows care then i had to go out for an hour, when i came back i turned on my lappy & it did the scandisk.
i don't know what i did but it worked.
it is still booting up slow so if anyone has any suggestions what else i can do to speed it up i would appreciate it.
i will try safe mode again now i have done the scandisk to see if that fixed something.

  mad1234 21:01 04 May 2008

safe mode is now working:0)
is 4 minutes good for booting up a laptop?

  lodger 21:37 04 May 2008

I find it very useful Glary Utilities. com

  Ditch999 23:59 04 May 2008

A 4 minute boot time indicates problems. This can be due to a number of reasons. Too many start up programmes, conflicting start up programmes, not enough RAM, virii, malware and hardware failure. Take your pick.
To start with, run your anti virus scanner and anti malware progs in Safe mode. Do not run 2 antivirus, firewall or real time malware progs at the same time.
See what resources you have left by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously and hitting the Performance tab and seeing what physical memory is available after your lappy has fully booted.

  mad1234 13:22 05 May 2008

thanks Ditch999 i will try running avast in safe mode as soon as i get the chance. as far as malware i don't have a program for that but i have ran advanced windows care. after i have done that i will check my physical memory & get back to you

  bof:) 13:47 05 May 2008

click here

have a look here for anti malware program's.

Its personal choice but I use AVG anti spyware and

spywareblaster (this attempts to stop malware getting onto your pc in the 1st place.

As I say its personal choice, sometimes I use Spybot s&d and SuperAntispyware.


  mad1234 18:27 05 May 2008

thanks bof:)
getting that now

Ditch999 done the antivirus scan in safe mode. i have no viruses on my laptop. i will check the physical memory when i have done the anti spyware scan

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