Scandisk will not finish - Help please

  Never again 14:26 05 Apr 2004

I have a p3 800 with 512mb ram running windows me.

following an improper shutdown, scandisk will not complete, and it runs and runs for hours, but without the usual restarted 10 times message that you sometimes get, even running in safe mode, and with everyhing exept systray and explorer running. I started it this morning at 6am and its still trying to run 8 hours later and has not even got to the sectors bit.

If you cancel scandisk it boots into windows but it wont defrag or diskkeper lite will not complete due to errors reported on the hard drive. my pc is running very slow.

Is there a preferably free utility out there somewhere which is more effective than scandisk, or am i looking at buying a new drive.

any information will be gratefully recieved- Thanks

  rawprawn 14:50 05 Apr 2004

Can you use system restore to go back before the problem ?

  Stonechatz 15:04 05 Apr 2004

... all ure Scheduled Tasks suspended? Screensavers suspended? Anti-virus suspended? SpyWare all hunted-down and weeded-out? TSR programmes suspended? WindowsUpdate auto check suspended? ALL programes auto-update checkers switched-off? Calendar reminders suspended? etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc .....

  jpark2 15:09 05 Apr 2004

Try and run scandisk from DOS. That usualy does the trick for me when I have had that trouble.

  Never again 15:40 05 Apr 2004

Thanks for the replies.

Everything is turned off and system restore will not solve it either. Am just going to try running scandisk from dos now and I'll let you know how it goes.

  Never again 16:08 05 Apr 2004

Scandisk from dos is stil running without progress 20 minutes later, and All I'm getting is the scandisk restarting 10 times message.

I had to open my dos window from within windows (start/accessories/dos)as I am running win me and I don't have an option to start dos from safe mode boot.

Back in a few hours!!

  GaT7 17:28 05 Apr 2004

Try deleting all your Temporary Internet files (browser cache) & all other temp files & try again.

You can also run a trial version of Data Advisor, a hard disk diagnostic & scan tool - click here to learn more. click here to download without having to register first. You'll need a floppy drive (& floppies) to run the test. I've only just come across Data Advisor(having some hard disk problems myself) & have not tried it yet but it has been recommended by Microsoft.

Good luck, G

  IZZY 17:45 05 Apr 2004

Never again...Hello!

Sorry to read about your problems. WinME is a sheer devil at times.

I seem to recall that running DOS in Windows doesn't give the full or real capacities of MSDOS.

You really have to restart your comp. with the Bootable Floppy StartUp Disk you created when you installed/updated Windows (you DID make one didn't you!). Start your comp from that and work throught the options. I can't readilly recall the commands but you can get Scandisk running in that mode and nothing else should be running.

Good Luck, Regards,


  Never again 14:40 06 Apr 2004

Thanks everyone.

I ran scandisk from a floppy and got some messages about how my bios may not be reading my lba or something properley, but I threw caution to the wind and proceeded with the scandisk.

It found dozens of errors so I am going to back everything up and probably get a new drive after trying the data advisor suggestion.

Thanks anyway

  GaT7 15:16 06 Apr 2004

What's the make/model of your hard drive? It's worth checking on the manufacturer's website whether it's still under warranty or not. To check this it may be as simple as entering the drive's serial number in the 'online warranty check' of the manufacturer's website.

  woodchip 15:24 06 Apr 2004

Start ether with a Win98 floppy disc so it starts in true DOS and run, or start in Safe mode and run, to get into Safe keep pressing F8 as the comp starts and choose safe mode, otherwise go hear for a Win98 Floppy boot here don't forget it's Win98se OEM boot disc you want, let it load to A:\> and type Scandisk C: and press enter. After you download the file you have to put a clean floppy in comp and double click the download to create the Boot disc

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