Scandisk in W98SE/ME and XP

  Southernboy 14:52 22 Oct 2004

The manual for the Maxtor external HD states that the above can be used in 98 and XP, but not ME.

Anyone know why?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:54 22 Oct 2004

Seems strange... maybe a misprint!

  Diemmess 14:58 22 Oct 2004

I would have expected the note to read "can be used in 98 and ME, but not XP".

  Southernboy 15:04 22 Oct 2004

It makes the same statement about Defrag and refers the user to the Microsoft website for a further explanation. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find it.

  Southernboy 14:07 06 Nov 2004

it states use Scandisk in 98SE, but NOT in ME. Use ChkDsk in XP.

What is the problem with ME, that the disc cannot be checked by Windows?

Have just purchased Microsoft Money 2005. States compatible with 98SE/2000/XP. Why not ME I wonder?

  Southernboy 20:13 06 Nov 2004

that WinME has been regarded as 98SE or later! Usually, all the Windows editions are mentioned.

That still does not explain why one cannot run Scandisk on a 120 HD if using ME as an OS, but you can with 98SE.

I am beginning to think that ME either has problems, or is no longer supported by MS.

  woodchip 21:14 06 Nov 2004

You need to be careful using a Hard Disc Program if MS says NO as it can corrupt you disc

  Southernboy 15:41 09 Nov 2004

I don't think either of the links were much help.

The MS one merely gives a general overview and I note it says nothing about disc size. The Maxtor book states that there is a size limit for W98SE, for both Scandisk and Defrag. It is Scandisk I am most concerned about, and I need to know if I can use it, given that DOS does not recognise an external drive.

The Maxtor manual for my 7200rpm, 120Gb external USB2 HD (used with USB1.1), has instructions for certain uses in tabular form. In the section for Scandisk and Defrag, it clearly states

W98SE do not use for partitions over 127GB
ME Do NOT use
XP Use Chkdsk

I am not sure what "partition" means, but as the size of my HD is 120, does this mean I can use Scandisk if I had W98SE? And why can't it be done with ME - what is the difference that it will work with one and not the other? And, does, "do not use" mean it won't work, or is it a warning of possible damage/problems? Why don't manufacturers make themselves clear? Forgive my ultra-cautious approach, but I am very nervous of doing damage to the HD.

  Southernboy 12:20 09 Dec 2004


  woodchip 13:08 09 Dec 2004

I have a 200Gb External that I connect to Win98se and XP comp's It's divided into 4 Partitions 98 sees all of them so all the 200GB is there and scandisk will work as my largest Partition is 124Gb

  Southernboy 10:23 10 Dec 2004

I'll give it a try when I can next get to my PC.

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