ScanDisk, standard or thorough?

  TommyRed 14:38 10 Sep 2003

Which setting is best to use, bearing in mind I only re-formatted 3 weeks ago. TR

  Jester2K II 14:39 10 Sep 2003


Do a through over night once every 6 months or year...

  Mango Grummit 17:26 10 Sep 2003

Standard, about once a month, takes five minutes roughly, but if you do it more often that's OK too. It's a "does not matter much either way" issue.

Not thorough though. That is only ever needed to solve/investigate particular probs and takes ages. Hardly ever needed by most folks.


  Diemmess 17:34 10 Sep 2003

Like Mango Grummit - Thorough is the last resort of desperate souls, and the one time I used it the news was frightening ....... but proved eventually to have nothing to do with the hard disk which was being ruined by a motherboard fault feeding rubbish data.

  David G 17:35 10 Sep 2003

It is also better to perform these clean-ups in Safe Mode.

  Mango Grummit 17:42 10 Sep 2003


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