Scandisk Problem

  Geord 19:17 12 Aug 2004

I have tried to run Scandisk, but get the following error message:

"Scandisk can not operate because another program such as a disk utility has blocked this drive. Please wait for this to finish"

Does anyone have any idea how I can find out what this other program may be and how I can get rid of the block so that I can run Scandisk.

OPS - Windows ME

Many Thanks.

  VoG II 19:20 12 Aug 2004

Start in Safe Mode and try again click here

  Dorsai 19:40 12 Aug 2004

Are you running a SCSI or RAID disk setup? If so, i get this too, and would like the answer.

  wotbus@ 19:53 12 Aug 2004

Next time you get this window, do a Ctl/Alt/Del and see what other programs are running. If you have DisKeeperLite installed and you try to use the WinMe scandisc this will bring up the same box. (I found out by accident). If you have'nt got DisKeeper installed do so as it's much much better than paphing about with WinMe scandisc.

  wotbus@ 19:57 12 Aug 2004

Sorry, misread/understood the problem. Confused scandisc with defrag. With my Me the ONLY way to do scandisc was to do in safe mode..

  Geord 10:35 13 Aug 2004

Yes Scandisc ran fine in Safe Mode and did find and repair some errors. Thanks.

Dorsai - sorry, but SCSI and RAID means nothing to me, so couldn't tell you which I've got (if either).

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