Scandisk in MS-DOS

  Southernboy 14:43 22 Oct 2004

I have always restarted in MS-DOS to carry out Scandisk. Since I acquired an external HD, I tried to use Scandisk to check it out but, every time I type in G:\, I get an invalid message.

Is scandisk in MS-DOS confined to the C drive?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:46 22 Oct 2004

How is the external disk connected? Likely that DOS cannot see it if via usb / firewire.

  Southernboy 14:48 22 Oct 2004

It is connected by USB.

Does this mean DOS does not recognise USB?

  Diemmess 14:51 22 Oct 2004

The chances are that unless you are actually running windows no external HD is 'seen.'

The reason for running scandisk in DOS is usually because of interminal delays and restarts which can happen while running from Windows. I think that if you select only the External HD when doing that, there won't be any silly result.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:52 22 Oct 2004

DOS _can_ be made to recognise USB but not easily. You may be able to run the scan disk utility from within Windows.

  woodchip 14:54 22 Oct 2004

It depends how old your computer and what OS. My win98se Comp will not even start if the External drive is switched on. where as my XP comps have no problems

  Southernboy 14:59 22 Oct 2004

I'll give it a try.

My reason for DOS was, as you say, to avoid delays and restarts. However, I rather like the disc "map" that DOS displays.

In the Maxtor manual, it states that Scandisk can only be used with W98SE on partitions of <127GB. I am uncertain what is meant by "partitions" but, as my HD is 120GB, may I assume I can use Scandisk within Windows to check my new HD?

Forgive me if this is a silly question.

  Southernboy 15:01 22 Oct 2004

six and a half years old. Have never had a problem with it!

Works OK with both external Hard and Zip Drives, although I do have issues with software provided with both drives.

  Southernboy 14:02 06 Nov 2004


  woodchip 14:56 06 Nov 2004

try shuting down to dos and see if it can see the drive that way. if it cannot then there is no way it will see it without upgrading the motherboard

  Southernboy 20:08 06 Nov 2004

and it doesn't.

Thanks anyway.

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