Scandisk fails after new installation

  Inverjazz 11:55 14 Feb 2003

After installing a new hard drive, a Maxtor Diamondmax Plus9 60GB, scandisk will not run from Windows. It's OK from the Safe mode and DOS command line, but from Windows tools the system freezes and eventually the message "Shell32.dll file cannot start. Check this file to determine the problem" appears, but the only way out of this is to reset from the front panel. I've run SFC and extracted the scandisk file from the Win98SE installation without success. The hard drive was EOM, so no drivers were supplied. I formatted from DOS in the usual way; FDISK followed by Format c:. So far there is no other problem.

  JoeC 12:00 14 Feb 2003
  Inverjazz 08:42 16 Feb 2003

Thanks for your help, JoeC. I followed Microsoft's instructions but I'm afraid it didn't help. First power up showed a fault in explorer.exe, a segment not found in module KRNL.exe then _delis causing a GPF in _isdel.exe, which is all a mystery to me. After looking around in the Safe Mode, which showed the hard drive using MS-DOS compatibility mode, the system then powered up without error, so I'm back where I started with the Shell32.dll problem. Maxtor says that drivers aren't required for their disk drives, but at the start of the format (format/s c:) a message came up saying something like "not enough memory to transfer system files, format terminated." I carried on with the format and transfered the files later. I wonder if this has anything to do with the problems I'm having?

  Inverjazz 08:01 21 Feb 2003

The only way out was to start again, this time allowing the Win98SE installation disk to format the drive. So far, with most of the software now installed, there has been no problem. But I'm still puzzled with the "insufficient memory" message. I've formatted umpteen drives and never seen it before.

  lisamaree 09:50 21 Feb 2003

This is caused by there being to many custers to load into memory. The best way to fix this is to setup the harddrive with partitions of say 10gb or to increase the size of each custer. I would do this with Paragon disk partition it does this without losing data i would suggest setting the custer size to 32kb from 8 kb. The drive will full up quicker but seems the only way.

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