Scandisk dissapeared, advice appreciated!

  gazmix 16:27 28 Aug 2006

When i go to system tools & look at whats there, the Scandisk option is gone.
Infact all seems to have changed.
This is whats there now!
Disk cleanup
Files settings transfer wizard (whats this?)
Schedules tasks
System info
System restore
Backup (This seems to have just appeared, as has the above Transfer wizard)

Any help appreciated!!



  Trackrat 17:17 28 Aug 2006

I have just looked at my system tools and they are the same as yours except for back up which i believe is only available With XP Pro not Home version.
Scan disk can be run from the command line by following this Microsoft write up.

click here

  gazmix 14:06 29 Aug 2006

There's nothing on this page that says disk scan i clicked on the link on the microsoft page & nothing, i just want it back on system tool, it was there the other day!!

  VoG II 14:14 29 Aug 2006

You have the same as me.

Open My Computer, Right click your drive, Properties, Tools ta, Error checking will run chkdsk.

Backup in XP Home click here

Files and Settings Transfer Wizard click here

  johndrew 14:25 29 Aug 2006

I run XP Pro and agree broadly with Trackrat. I have the same list you identify (which I believe is the default list) but have added two others to mine for convenience; Security Center & Character Map neither of these is a command line input as Scandisk.

If you want information on Scandisk click here it should provide everything that anyone has reported or knows.

  johndrew 14:28 29 Aug 2006

Backup is available in XP Home but has to be loaded from the CD. There was an article which refered to it in PCA recently - sorry can`t remember which. Some other kind soul may well be able to tell us.

  VoG II 14:31 29 Aug 2006

See my link above!

  johndrew 15:03 29 Aug 2006

I`ll take a 100 lines!!!!!

I must type faster.
I must type faster.

  johndrew 15:04 29 Aug 2006

I should have said thanks as well.

  gazmix 15:25 29 Aug 2006

I did that vog, didn't know which of the 2 boxes to check in the checkdisk box!

Johndrew, in your link, i didn't find anything that will reinstall scandisk on my system tools.

In what situation should i use backup, is it something to do with a system restore point!!


  gazmix 10:25 30 Aug 2006


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