Scandisk and Defragmenter freezes on Windows ME

  CLONNEN 19:39 21 Apr 2006

I have just discovered that I am unable to run the Scandisk and Defragmenter components on my Windows ME system.

The Scandisk window appears, I select the C drive but no matter what options I select whenever I click the Start button everything freezes. The scandisk animation at the top won't animate and the mouse freezes as well.

Is there any way of reinstalling / fixing Scandisk and Defragmenter from the original Windows ME cdrom? Or do I have to reinstall Windows?

  jakimo 22:36 21 Apr 2006

Try running them from safe mode,if that doesn't work try restore

  CLONNEN 15:11 22 Apr 2006

I have managed to get into Safe Mode. The Standard scandisk option will run all the way through but then I cannot seem to get back into Normal mode afterwards (until I do a Restore to an earlier point).

The Thorough scandisk option in Safe Mode keeps getting stuck at approximately 15,000 during the surface area scan.

Disk Defragmenter seems to be working okay in Safe Mode but it is very slow. I'm still waiting for it to finish.

  remind 15:15 22 Apr 2006

Find out drive manufacturer (click here), download diagnostic (click here)

  remind 15:16 22 Apr 2006

Sounds as though your drive could be damaged btw, the less scanning and defragging you do the better.

  CLONNEN 16:28 22 Apr 2006

The drive was brand new in November and the hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic program says the disk isn't faulty.

I have 3 operating systems installed on 3 separate partitions and the only system which is acting up is Drive C with Windows ME on it. Drives D and E with Win 2000 Pro and XP Home can run their versions of scandisk and defragmenter without any problems.

I tried running the Win 2000 Scandisk on Drive C and it completed but then I couldn't boot back into Windows ME until I did a System Restore.

One other odd thing on Drive C I noticed that the C:\Windows\System32 folder only has one DLL in it. I am sure there should be loads in this folder not just one. Have tried copying files from another ME computer but I still cannot get Scandisk and Defragmenter working properly. All other programs which are installed are working fine.

Also tried Norton Disk Doctor 2002 - the Windows version freezes straight away - the DOS version completed but didn't find anything wrong.

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