Scandisk at boot up

  Zerogravity 09:58 05 Sep 2008

My computer (Novatech Isis Max 6400, Intel core2 Duo 6400 running window XP Home SP3) was playing up last night, when I was on the internet (IE6) my PC froze, I had to shut it down manually.
After starting it up again, I did restaure it to a previous time, and it seems that it was ok after that.
This morning at boot up my system did a scandisk, deleted 12 files (the same file replicated 12 times), and recovered 1 files.
Now my computer seems to work properly.
BUT it's not the first time that happened, it happened once before that, a few weeks ago. Then it did recovered 2 lost files.
I do not download many things, except for updates for my antivirus,I am on the internet most of the time.
Why do I keep losing files? I've never had that with my previous computers, is it something to do with IE6?

  johndrew 10:09 05 Sep 2008

You may have either the `dirty bit` set. Try the following:

Just for informational purposes for anyone that is stuck with a continous chkdsk on boot. You can check to see if your drive is flagged by opening up a CLI Window (Start menu -> Select Run -> type in CMD)
Now type in the following:

FSUTIL DIRTY QUERY C: (followed by the enter key)

(assuming that C: is your boot drive)

If it tells you that your drive is dirty then...

Go back to the CLI window and type in the following

CHKNTFS /X C: (followed by the enter key) - This will stop the disk check on the next reboot

Now reboot your computer: let it reboot an dopen up another CLI - type in the following:

CHKDSK /F /R C: (followed by the enter key) - Let is scan and check your computer fully

Once it has done so type in the follwoing again as in the first step


The drive bit will be set to clean again.

  Zerogravity 10:19 05 Sep 2008

Thanks johndrew, I have done what you says up to the point where it says "C: is NOT dirty"
In my case chkddsk doesn't start at every boot.
Does that mean there is a possible recurring problem?

  johndrew 12:10 05 Sep 2008

You could try running sfc /scannow click here. You may well need your XP CD and note the space between `sfc` and `/scannow`.

If you still get the problem it could be your HDD is on its way out. You should ensure you have backed everything up on another drive in the event of failure anyway, but I will mention it in case you haven`t.

If you want to check your HDD, go to the manufacturer`s site and download the tools - they are free - you will then need to make a bootable floppy/CD to run the software; details are included with the software.

If the PC is still in warranty you could also speak to Novatech.

  peter99co 22:14 05 Sep 2008

How do you shut down your machine if you have a problem?

Had to shut down manually?

  Zerogravity 09:49 06 Sep 2008

I just press and hold the power button on the tower case.
I only shut down that way when I cannot reach the window shut down, when the screen freeze.

  Pineman100 17:18 07 Sep 2008

If you're shutting down by "crashing out" - that is, switching off the machine without shutting down Windows properly, then the lost files might simply be corrupted by not having been properly closed.

Windows XP is pretty good at repairing itself after a crash out. Just switch on and allow it to run through its own checking procedure. Afterwards it should boot up normally.

  birdface 09:40 08 Sep 2008

Go into Taskmanager and shut it down from their.Ctrl. Alt. and delete. at the same time.Then go to shut down and press turn off.

  Zerogravity 22:08 08 Sep 2008

Thank you all for your help, nothing else happened so far, it's booting up normally, thanks buteman for your tip on shutting down the PC, I didn't know that one.

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