scan pics ? whats best

  holligan 17:30 29 Jan 2004

i scan from a 2000 me pc to a 98 pc. what is the best way to scan when it says scan to word, paint etc. i scan to floppy to put pics on a web site


  Diodorus Siculus 17:37 29 Jan 2004

If you want to put pics on a website, scan and save as jpegs. Scan at about 300kb and then save them as jpegs at around 30% quality which will give you a small, fast loading image.

Use irfanview'w aquire option to scan the pics.

  holligan 19:12 29 Jan 2004

Send to paint etc, just look for irfanview'w aquire. its the libeary comp and you dont get long to look at it


  holligan 09:10 30 Jan 2004


  Stuartli 09:23 30 Jan 2004

If it's a library based system then presumably you won't have Irfanview available.

I'm sure that if you approached whoever provides the support for the systems they would be sympathetic to a request to install Irfanview - it is a simple, but very efficient, utility.

  temp003 09:58 30 Jan 2004

Doesn't the scanning software have a Save As option? If it has, just click Save As, give it a file name, save it as jpeg to a destination on your hard drive or to floppy. You should be prompted for the quality. Try different levels to find the one that suits you.

  holligan 12:26 30 Jan 2004

Have save as but do i send it to paint , word first then save as i was just wandering were to send it for best sometimes ive sent but when i get home it says not there but on libeary one its there

ps stuarti
there is no support the libreans are worse then me on them haha

  stlucia 13:02 30 Jan 2004

No need to send to anything before you save as.

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