Scan PC for Hardware/Drivers

  k_grdn 22:39 22 Sep 2011

Hi Guys,

A bit out of touch with PC Support these day, back in the day I used to have a tool to list all the hardware and required drivers for a system. I stuck on the name though, maybe adi?? or something.

Anyone know of a freeware package? Save me trawling the web, hitting false links, ads, pop up, etc...

I need some drivers for a fresh laptop install.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:54 22 Sep 2011

Scan PC for Hardware


  k_grdn 23:12 22 Sep 2011


Obviously I've listed the devices in device manager. It's the unrecognised devices I have issues finding drivers for. I can remember tool of PC Advisor magazine over fve years ago that produced benchmarks and recommended updated drivers etc to improve performance I thought that would be handy in this instance. I moved away from Windows years back this a favour for a friend the model is an Evesham 8050D laptop be great to have a quick way to identify the hardware.



  onthelimit1 09:04 23 Sep 2011

You could scan with the free version of Drivermax. Once scanned, you can ask it to find unidentified hardware. Doesn't pick up everything, but it's saved my bacon a few times. Once listed, you can usually go to the manufacturer's website to download the missing drivers.

  birdface 09:10 23 Sep 2011

The free version of Driver Max may help.

It will only update 2 drivers a day.

And make sure the drivers are digitally signed.Microsoft does not like unsigned drivers.

Fruit Bat /\0/\ was trying to give you the tool that lets you know what programs you have on your computer so that you can find the proper drivers that you may be looking for.

Just click on the SIW on his post and it will open.

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