scan me!

  BIG ben strikes 10 20:29 22 Mar 2004

hi all(again and again)
i have a primax Colorado direct 9600 scanner and it seems to make a buzzing noise but only goes 1/8 the way and nothing comes up on the screen.also isn't it supposed to have a light come through the gap?.any suggestions?.thanks.ben

  scooby43 20:52 22 Mar 2004

hm is ur scanner faulty?

  BIG ben strikes 10 20:54 22 Mar 2004

well i got it off my aunt and uncle and they said it was working im not sure.

  scooby43 20:56 22 Mar 2004

have you made sure you have latest drivers usuall obviuos things. Whats your OS?

  BIG ben strikes 10 20:57 22 Mar 2004

my OS is windows XP HE.i have installed the drivers that came with the scanner.cheers

  Totally-braindead 21:01 22 Mar 2004

Look at click here
There appears to be an installation guide on it, perhaps it will help.

  Sapins 22:25 22 Mar 2004

Check underneath to see if the transportation lock is on,



  BillyBee 08:42 23 Mar 2004

Just a thought, my primax colorado 1200 did exactly the same on my XP machine, connected it to my ME machine it worked perfect, therefore I assumed XP didn't like it.

Hope this answers your problem.

  Jakey boy 09:40 23 Mar 2004

Do your Aunt and Uncle like you?

  BIG ben strikes 10 16:07 23 Mar 2004

my aunt not sure about my uncle......altho i do blabber on about computers too much...............

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