'Scan and fix' SD Card lost digi photos/movie

  QinesiQ 21:13 09 Dec 2007

Apologies if this should appear in digital forum.

I inserted my SD card into partner’s computer and a message requested me to scan and fix the device. After doing so I discovered that a lot of my photos/movies (family wedding) were either no longer there or only displaying a portion of the image in the file explorer window.
I’ve read a couple of threads re: photo recovery but wonder if there is something specific to recover images relating to this problem.

I have downloaded “Recuva” as I have been impressed with CCleaner but unfortunately it has not managed to recover my lost photos.

Any help greatly appreciated as partner’s sister’s 4-yr old was (a wonderful) petal girl and I had a movie of it.

Also am in the process of downloading the canon imaging s/w (or rather an upgrade to make it work on vista) to see if I have any luck finding missing photos/movie with this. Probably not but you never know.


  crosstrainer 21:27 09 Dec 2007

Can You place the device into another pc / laptop.?

That will eliminate hardware problems.

  QinesiQ 22:35 09 Dec 2007

Hi crosstrainer and thank you for responding

The only thing I have to hand is a pda and having just checked the SD card none of the photos/movies come up. I also checked the card back in the camera and again nothing. I think they may have been automatically deleted during the transfer of images to the HDD using the transfer function that pops up when you insert an SD.

I should have mentioned that I have been able to recover a lot of files (including digital image files) using Recuva its just that I cannot access them. I get file format is not supported when opening in windows photo gallery. I clicked on the properties and they are jpgs.

  MCE2K5 22:47 09 Dec 2007

Try this, click here

I don't like plugging Progs (Ones U Pay for), But this one did recover all my Photographs, When one of my XD Cards failed in the Camera, It recovered all but the last one taken.

Bought it in the USA last Xmas.

  crosstrainer 23:00 09 Dec 2007

The card has been wiped..If QinesiQ
Suggestion fails then I am afraid it's up to the pro data recovery people.

  QinesiQ 00:00 12 Dec 2007

You're probably right.

I'm still struggling. Have downloaded a couple of (free) programs and attempted recovery. I am recovering files (jpegs) but I am unable to open them.


Thanks again everyone for your help.

From memory I think the couple had the whole thing video taped so someone should have it somewhere.

I'll know better for the next wedding in Feb - keep clear of "scan and fix" until I've saved the images!

  woodchip 00:11 12 Dec 2007

I have a Free program that may get your Jpegs back if you want to E-Mail me. It will be as a Zip Attachment

  m800afc 01:35 12 Dec 2007

I have experienced this problem, or one very similar. I used "O&O Disc Recovery. You have to pay, but it does work. I have used it to recover data from partners computer, and it was the only thing to recover everything.
That said, never format or erase a photo card on a computer. Always do it in the camera. I formatted a Sandisk Xtreme 3 card on my desktop and I couldn't use it in my Nikon, it just said "unable to format" I sent it back to Sandisk, and received a new card, along with a very polite letter saying always format and delete in camera. They admit it is a known issue and they are working with drive manufacturers to overcome it. I now have a couple of cheap SD cards that I use in my PDA and photoframe, but keep my X3 cards exclusively for my camera.

  johnnyrocker 11:01 12 Dec 2007

and it was resolved how?


  farvish 12:57 24 Jul 2008

Hi to all,

You can recover your accidentally deleted photos or lost photos with the help of stellar phoenix photo recovery software that can help you in recovering your pictures from digital storage media, memory cards, hard drive, and logical drives. Check preview of recovered images from demo version: click here


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