Scam to get control of computer

  Zurdo 15:30 06 Jun 2011

Just had 10 mins. delight in winding up an Asian guy from "MS Systems" who told me I was the computer user and my computer (running XP, Vista or Win7 didn't matter which!) was infected with spyware etc. Instead of slamming down the phone as usual I thought for once I'd lead him on. Told him I had to fire up my comp.(5 mins)Was already on of course then played the idiot and pretended to follow his instructions veeeeeeeeeeery slowly to end up at event viewer and to look for red crosses etc. etc. After 10 mins got a bit fed up so told him I knew all about the scam and to politely "Go away and multiply" Seems he took exception to this and cut the connection. Anyway made me feel a bit better. I lead a sad life!

  lotvic 16:05 06 Jun 2011


I think you could have strung him along for a bit longer - maybe have an emergency, ask him to wait, and then go make yourself a cuppa before picking phone up again and pretend to be someone else - a Policeman come to investigate a serious crime works quite well ;)

  Ian in Northampton 17:10 06 Jun 2011

LOL. Yes, Zurdo, people like you and me need to get out more. But it's good that someone has re-raised this - it gets posted about every month, and people need to be aware. I'm not sure how sinister these people are in terms of getting control of your computer: it's always seemed more likely to me - I've never actually found out - that they want you to pay for software/service that you don't need. But then, I'm naive like that...

  rawprawn 17:35 06 Jun 2011

Brilliant, I usually get annoyed and hang up, but I like your style. I feel it might well be used to annoy other unwanted calls as well.

  Forum Editor 18:59 07 Oct 2011

Behaviour like this is a complete waste of time - surely you must have something better to do than messing about playing these kind of tricks on a caller?

  lotvic 23:00 07 Oct 2011

FE this thread is 4 months old (and it was raining that afternoon.....)

  rdave13 23:25 07 Oct 2011

Worth a lock....possibly.

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