SBRU-10100 won't talk to Home hub

  Drummerman 20:21 01 Jun 2012

Hi, I am trying to network my new laptop (Win 7) with my desktop (XP sp3) so that I can share files and my USB printer. I bought a Safecom SBRU-10100 which has a USB port for the printer - however - I can't get the router to connect to my BT Homehub v1.5

I can connect both PC's to the Homehub with both ethernet and wireless and can ping all the devices. I've checked the IP's, Sub Nets and Gateways for conflicts and all appear in order.

Is the 4 port DSL Router suitable for the job or should I be taking a different tack ?

Any advice would be welcome as I'm rapidly running out of ideas

  mgmcc 13:39 03 Jun 2012

You should be able to run the Safecom as a "sub-router" by connecting its RJ45 WAN port to one of the BT Hub's LAN ports. However, the two routers will have to operate in different Subnets; if the BT Hub operates in a Subnet (IP address range) with "0" as its third octet (192.168.0.x) then the Safecom needs to have a different third octet (192.168.1.x, 192.168.2.x etc).

However, this also means that computers connected to one router cannot communicate with computers connected to the other router. The Subnet Mask prevents the two from communicating, so to share folders/printers all computers would have to connect to the Safecom router.

  Drummerman 14:13 03 Jun 2012

Hi mgmcc, thanks for the reply. Home hub IP is

Do I take it that if I set the safecom IP to and the lan IP addresses of the pc's to 192.168.2.xx+1 and 192.168.2.xx+2 then they should see each other through the safecom and both output to the Homehub ?

Would I have to change the gateways which are currently and will this impact on the wireless connection of the laptop which is

  mgmcc 15:56 03 Jun 2012

OK, set the Safecom router's own IP address to so that its DHCP server will allocate addresses between and to any connected computers. There may be a DHCP pool from which it allocates addresses within a smaller range, rather than the full subnet.

Any computers connected to the Safecom will have a 192.168.2.x address and their Default Gateway will be

"Would I have to change the gateways which are currently and will this impact on the wireless connection of the laptop which is"

The Default Gateway for computers connected directly to the Home Hub remains 192.168.254, but for computers connected to the Safecom will be its IP address of

However, for File/Printer sharing, all computers should connect to the same router. Is the Safecom not a wireless router? If that's the case, then it's back to the drawing board for Plan B.

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