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  tonyx1302 15:37 09 Jan 2006

I have recently installed Word and after typing a document save it to 'my docs' but when I go to open it it is not a supporeted file or wasn't correctly decoded ? When saving I get a menu box that asks ' Save as' and gives me drop down list of...Works doc, works template,rich text format,text file etc.

What am I doing wrong please and how can I save typed text etc to my docs for future reference.

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Many thanks


  chub_tor 15:39 09 Jan 2006

Which version of Word or Office are you using?

  Diemmess 15:52 09 Jan 2006

....From the menu of ways to save... it looks as though you might have installed the version of Word that goes with MS Works.

This is not capable of opening a Word.doc from MS Office though there are ways around this.

  Diemmess 16:06 09 Jan 2006

If you now have the flagship - Word, you may be trying to open a Works (wps) file and may be able to scroll down "files of type ***" until you come to the Works version you have.

Failing that, try Rich Text Format or in the worst case, Any Recoverable Text

  tonyx1302 16:46 09 Jan 2006

Sorry for the delay in getting back. I have brought and installed the Works Suite which is a package of 5 discs that have Money, AutoRoute, Photo etc on ,but I have only installed Word and Encarta ( Excyclopedia ) as thats all I need.

Diemmess, I have tried opening the wps file under all the 'files of type**'but none save the text


  chub_tor 17:01 09 Jan 2006

Breitling I think that you are saying that when asked what to save the file as you are asking it to be saved as Works doc (wps) and it saves OK. But when you try to open it again it the file format isn't supported.

How are you trying to open the file? Is it by double clicking on the file in My Docs? or by opening Word first and selecting Open File from the drop down menu. If the latter doesn't work then I am stumped. But if it is the former then the program associated with opening wps files might not be Works. Try right clicking on the file you are trying to open in My Docs and scroll down to Open With to find out if it is trying to open iniside Works.

Diemmess is correct, as far as I know you cannot open Word.doc files in Works, but you can open wps files in Word or Office

  tonyx1302 17:21 09 Jan 2006

Yes your first paragraph in your reply is correct and I get as you suggest, 'unsupported file'. I have been double clicking the file in my docs.
In my panic, I have deleted Word and am just about to re-install it as I thought I hadn't installed it correctly which was causing the problem!
If you could check back, assuming you have the time, after a short time I will try your second suggestion of opening Word first and then selecting the Open file.
Thanks very much for your help and I will report back asap


  Diemmess 17:30 09 Jan 2006

Of my twin posts the first one with its message now seems the one, just ignore the second.
Again, chub_tor's advice on getting round the problem is probably the best you can do.

  tonyx1302 19:38 09 Jan 2006

Hoping you get to read this. I have re-installed Word and have done as you both suggested. I type my text , then save as 123 or whatever to desktop or my docs etc. When I want to retreive the file,I go to Word then click on 'File'. From the drop down menu I choose 'Open' and there it is sitting whereever I have put it. Brilliant !!

I must admit I was getting in a bit of a state about it but thanks to you both,I'm up and running again.

Thanks. I'm really greatful


  tonyx1302 22:12 09 Jan 2006

Following on from my above problem which is now solved, can someone please tell me how to delete the old documents that I have accrude when i open the 'File' drop down menu in Word.



  tonyx1302 22:16 09 Jan 2006

Sorry forgot to mention have tried ccleaner.cleanup,disk cleaner etc.

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