Saving A Word Doc

  milkybarkid 21:11 06 Jul 2005

Have bought some files home from the office to work on. Saved as Word 2000 files and at home they have loaded into Word 2002. How do I save them so that they open up as saved in Word 2000?

Hope thats clear.

  mattyc_92 21:12 06 Jul 2005

Just save a normal. As long as you don't use the newer features, Word 2000 SHOULD read them perfectly.

  Taff36 21:29 06 Jul 2005

Only proviso is don`t mess around with graphics, mail merges (and sequencing) - Otherwise as matty_c92 says you should be alright.

  milkybarkid 22:00 06 Jul 2005

Thanks guys. Will try and see if OK tomorrow.

  Simsy 00:22 07 Jul 2005

that might be an issue, is when a file saved in ther newer is opened in the older version, if there are any "new" features added when editing.

E.G. Document is produced, at work, using Word 2000. You bring the file home an open it in Word 2002. So far there should be no problem.

While at home you do some fancy stuff that only Word 2002 can do, (such as some fancy Macros that weren't available in the 200 version). When you take it back to work these might not work.

I hope this makes sense.

generally speaking, with "Word" I don't expect you to have a problem.



  milkybarkid 07:44 07 Jul 2005

Thanks again. Understand your logic. I may have a copy of Word 2000 scullin around so may load that on the home PC to save any agro.

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