Saving Windows updates

  Guesswho 18:50 06 Mar 2006

Perhaps someone can help me here.
At the moment I have only dial-up internet access. This means that if ever I have to reinstall Windows from my recovery CD-ROM, it would take hours to download all the updates since December 2004!
Am I correct in thinking that it's possible to copy all Windows update files from Explorer and burn them to CD? If so, I could then simply bring Windows up to date again from this CD.
No doubt there's a snag that I'm not aware of!

  RobCharles1981 19:10 06 Mar 2006

I like too know how too do this too any of you lot out there could shed the light on for us dialup users free free too help.......

  Stuartli 19:43 06 Mar 2006

Try downloading and saving this AutoPatcher:

click here

  RobCharles1981 20:35 06 Mar 2006

Hey Cheers Stuartli most helpful!! I don't know what Guesswho reckons of this??

  terryf 01:51 07 Mar 2006

I posted a site some time ago that lists all the windows download files and lets you download them, look here click here

  Desktop Don 02:16 07 Mar 2006

In answer to your question about keeping a file list of windows update patches, there is nothing, as it would appear that would discount this idea. It would be advised to maintain descretion, atleast insuring the patch files are mirrored from "Trustable" locations, windows website perchance.

I am also interested in knowing a review of neccesary, recommended patch file / updates to the Win XP operating system...If somone has that knowledge to share, or atleast direct us to somone who has.

(Atleast those that wont conflict to abruptly with its ideal functioning, although its more a matter of correct settings I would think. Ive heard horrer stories of OS conflicts after installing update patches.)

You might find this an interesting article. Its basically a step by step guide to creating a Windoes XP installation cd with SP2 support.

click here

These hyperlinked me modern, doesnt seem like a good idea nowadays.


  Desktop Don 03:35 07 Mar 2006

Hmmm, Aparently the hyperlinking is automated...

  mattyc_92 09:34 07 Mar 2006
  SANTOS7 09:51 07 Mar 2006

click here
Highlight top left link, all the info you need....

  Guesswho 15:40 07 Mar 2006

Thanks to all you guys. These have all been very helpful replies and I'll get busy now investigating all these links. Maybe the Bill Gates site actually is the one to go for!
Now, would one of you get back to me to explain how you do the "click here" thing! It seems very clever and don't understand how it's done.
Thanks again.

  Desktop Don 09:48 11 Mar 2006

Found this useful list of Windows "hotfixes" which is actually an update pak which intergrates into this nifty program (untested) Aparently its a customizable solution to recreating bootable Windows installation disc's. Which can possible include and automate certain driver installations, as well as security fixes from a new format. Here is the Program called nlite and the link to the intergrated update pak

click here - Nlite

click here - Update Pak Site

Just thought that would be useful for some, these guys sure have a good idea...

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