Saving web images to 'My Pictures'

  george 20:24 07 Jul 2003

I have two computers. One has WindowsME as its operating system and the other Windows XP Home Edition. Right clicking on a Web page image brings up the menu containing 'Save as. . .' and, in WindowsXP all is well. The image appears in 'My Pictures' and is capable of transferring to, eg, Home Publisher. Saving, in similar fashion, in WindowsME doesn't cause the image to appear in 'My Pictures'. Instead, a search reveals it IS in 'My Pictures' but as a 'File' and not a Jpeg file. I can't find a way of using this. Your comments will be much appreciated.

  Lú-tzé 21:12 07 Jul 2003

When you do the "save as" in WinME do you save it as a jpeg file?

  george 07:29 08 Jul 2003

Thank you for responding, Lu-tze. Yes, I save as a Jpeg file (this is what shows when I click on 'Save as...' , by default)but it doesn't appear as such in 'My Pictures'. I considered it must have been saved somewhere and carried out a Search which revealed it was saved in 'My Pictures' as a 'File' requiring to be read by whatever programme. Only trouble is that I can't find a programme to open the picture. My computer with the WindowsXP op.system works fine in this respect. 'Sure am mystified!! I've tried re-installing MS Home Publishing 2000 on the 'ME' computer,but didn't expect any joy - and got none. Again, thank you for your interest. George

  Lú-tzé 07:59 08 Jul 2003

george - I am nost sure what you mean when you say it was saved as a "file": it should have a name and an extension such as "pic.jpeg"

Try irfanview click here as a viewer for your graphics files; it is free and very good.

I don't know "Home Publisher" but would think that there is an option to import pictures into it.

  george 18:52 08 Jul 2003

Again, many thanks Lu-tze. I agree saved as 'File' is most confusing but that is the file type after clicking on Properties. However, I've downloaded the appropriate 'irfanview' which seems to cover a vast array of file types and, for the time being, I'll tick this as 'resolved' to give me time to experiment. Thanks again, George

  crx1600 19:07 08 Jul 2003

can't help but notice, 'save as...' isn't available on a right-click, its either 'save picture as' or 'save target as'.

if you use 'save target as' you may find you get a file other than a jpeg/bmp/gif, so make sure you're using 'save picture as'.

  george 19:45 09 Jul 2003

Thank you, Lu-tze, the IRFANVIEW works very well and is so versatile. Eventually, I found the easiest, basic way is simply to 'copy' and 'paste'. I shall certainly find good use for Irfanview. My thanks also to crx1600. You're right I should have typed 'save picture as...' and I can't figure why that doesn't work when I save as a JPEG - it keeps saying it is the wrong extension. Using Lu-tze's recommended programme, I can now save as -'whatever' - and view. Anyway, I reckon the problem is now resolved. My thanks.

  crx1600 20:13 09 Jul 2003

have you tried renaming the file 'something.jpeg'

i have downloaded some mpeg files which until renamed with .mpeg in the title, appears as a notepad file.

  george 19:11 10 Jul 2003

Good thinking crx1600. I'll give it a try - and thank you.

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