saving of tvcard pics?

  Cooter 19:23 14 Dec 2003

hi all, i wont attempt to get to technical here so basically my question is this. is there any way to save any programs/pics etc displayed on my wintv card onscreen window onto hard drive and then maybe cdr or dvdr? by the way its a hauppauge wintv 647.any ideas? cheers!

  MAJ 19:39 14 Dec 2003

Not sure about the hauppauge wintv 647 but with my Pinnacle TV card it's as easy as pressing the "Record" button, it'll then save the programme you are watching, to the hard drive as an AVI file, you can then burn this to CD-R. Dosn't the hauppauge wintv 647 have that option, Cooter?

  Cooter 19:48 14 Dec 2003

thanx for replyimg maj but my card doesnt appear to have a recorder option. with hindsight i would have bought one that did! but it does seem a little strange that something that actually appears on the monitor cant be saved anywhere, or am i being stupid!?!

  MAJ 19:56 14 Dec 2003

Not at all, Cooter, it's a perfectly basic function that I would expect on any TV card. I had a look at the specs of your card click here and it would suggest that it can be done, but as I'm not familiar with it's settings, I can't tell you beyond what I've already said, how to do it. Does it have a help file that might be able to enlighten you?

  Cooter 20:25 14 Dec 2003

thanx for posting that info up maj and after seeing the video capture spec i thought it meant it was possible but i think this has something to do with a cam/vid input rather than actually capturing pictures direct from the screen? i think the only possible way of doing this with my particular card would be to plug a dvdr directly into the card, defies the point a bit, i may as well do it straight from the tv or vid recorder. one question tho maj,i have my video recorder tuned into my card, so with the record option you have would it be viable to record a video from the pc tv card and then copy to dvdr (if i had one!)? do you have any recording time limits etc? thanx maj

  MAJ 20:34 14 Dec 2003

Theoretically, Cooter, I could record a whole film from either TV (Sky, BBC or ITV) or a video tape in my video recorder, to my hard drive, then burn it to CD-R or a DVD-R (also if I had one). There is/was a 4GB file size limit on doing that, but I beleive there are ways of getting around that limit. I have never recorded a programme that length so am unsure of the 4GB limit workaround.

  Chegs ® 20:36 14 Dec 2003

The only time limitations are created by the amount of hdd space you have available as AVI files tend to be vast in size,45 mins of video can be around 10gbs in size.

I have a TV card,it rarely gets used for viewing TV,I use it most often to transfer video from tape to DVD.Quality suffers,result can be "grainy" and "out of focus" but acceptable for the home user.

I dislike the software for recording thru it (as a vid recorder)due to being unable to switch the "TV" parts channels whilst recording.The latest card(I have two,Pinnacle RAVE/Mercury 7130)also refuses to minimise whilst recording,and its remote disables mouse clicking on desktop icons whenever used to "switch off" TV.

  Cooter 20:43 14 Dec 2003

thanx maj, thats helpful to know. father xmas may be bringing me a dvdr (i hope!) so that may solve all my probs and i will have no need to involve the pc at all. i've just always wondered whether it is at all possible with regards to my card, thanx again.

  Cooter 20:52 14 Dec 2003

hi chegs, thanx for replying. first of all do you think that i have no way of recording images to pc without a record option on my tvcard?
so you say it is possible with your cards but quality is effected. i assume both those cards you have have record options? seems strange how the screen cant be minimized or resized while recording tho, awkward! also is there a way of auto compressing these avi files as soon as you press record? thanx

  steve0 21:22 14 Dec 2003

I have had a win tv card for many years. If you just want a snapshot of the screen, the wintv 2000 program has a snapshot button which you can configure for different sizes.

If you have winxp it comes with movie maker. This works very well with the wintv card to record programs. The latest version of the program has very good compression and saves mpegs in media player 9 format. I use all the time to record tv to disk, and then copy to video or super video cd.

  Cooter 21:25 14 Dec 2003

hi steve, this is an option i havnt thought about. being slightly naive with moviemaker just how would i use this to record from my card remembering of course that my win tv card doesnt have a record function. thanx

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