Saving a tree of folders and sub-folders from OE6

  greybeard 21:41 16 Dec 2005

In my browser 'local folders' I've set up a series of folders, one for each year, with a sub-folder for each month, and each in turn has a sub-folder for 'replies'.
I now have two years full in the OE6 window that I should like to save elsewhere, say in My Docs, but keeping the hierarchy of folders intact.
Can someone tell me firstly is this possible, and then how.
I've tried but cannot find a way.

I can move individual folders onto the desktop but not a folderful.
I've found the location of the folders at the bottom of the route that starts "Documents & Settings" .....etc, and if I try copying this to my docs ,then opening it using OE, it doesn't show the contents, even though the file size indicates the size of the files contained correctly.
(I instructed the .dbx files to open in Outlook)
Help, even if it is to say that it impossible, greatly appreciated.


  Gingermum 08:05 17 Dec 2005

I am confused as to what you are trying to achieve.
Do you want to just backup your folders? In this case just copy them to a backup medium, not the same hard disk.
Do you want to backup your dbx folders and then remove them from OE but still have access to them?
Possible but tricky.
You will have noticed that OE produces a dbx file for each folder regardless of the folder's original location in the tree structure. If you have folders with duplicate names then OE appends a number to the end.
For clarity's sake, rename your folders to something like June99. Now close OE and back up.
open OE and remove those folders you want to clear out.
If you decide you need access to an old folder, you need to recreate a folder with exactly that name in OE. It doesn't matter where you place it. Next copy any old email into it so that OE creates the dbx file.
Close OE and overwrite the newly created file with your old one.
I am not sure, but I think I have had problems with attachments in the past, but that was after I had formatted my hard drive. So back up your attachments first.

  PaulB2005 08:14 17 Dec 2005

I'm also a bit confused.

I would just backup all you DBX files. I something C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{Random String of characters}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

If you ever need to reinstall Windows you can re-import them and they'll remember the folder structure. The FOLDERS.DBX seems to record the folder structure.

  greybeard 10:37 17 Dec 2005

Gingermum and PaulB2005.
I am sorry you both cannot understand my problem.
I thought that I had stated it in the simplest possible terms.

My first paragraph states the problem.
The second one states what I have tried, and that it doesn't work.
The final line asks if a solution is possible or not.
It is pointless of me to merely restate the same words, so I can only ask you to re-read it, and believe me when I say that each word means exactly what I say.
To ask if I want to "back up" the folders, when that is what "to save elsewhere" means is not very helpful. If I say "elswhere, like My Docs" it doesn't mean in a back up copy of OE.

If anyone can understand what I am trying to do, and can give me a definitive answer, one way or the other, I should be very grateful.

A merry Christmas to one and all.
Meldrew aka greybeard aka John

  PaulB2005 11:02 17 Dec 2005

..then do exactly what i said. Copy the DBX files from the C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{Random String of characters}\Microsoft\Outlook Express to My Docs.

However you can't then open them from My Docs and expect to see the folders and their structure. The files are designed to be opened in OE from the store folders. Back them up to My Docs by dragging and dropping them to the My Docs folder. You have to reimport the files back into OE in order to get the files back with the folder structure.

Hope this helps.

Oh and if you meant it when you said "believe me when I say that each word means exactly what I say" why did you use the word "Browser" and not "E-Mail Client" in your opening sentance?

  DieSse 11:19 17 Dec 2005

You could also try :-

1) Copy your whole message store into a folder in My Documents.

2) When you want to look at them, in OE change the message store location to the backup folder. Then they may show up just as you want. Change it back when you've finished!

I can't check this for you as I no longer use OE, but I suspect it shouyld work.

  DieSse 11:22 17 Dec 2005

The reason it doesn't work like you think it might is that OE uses a database system to store emails, including the folder structure. So they're not regular files and folders and won't behave like such.

  greybeard 13:50 17 Dec 2005

Thankyou, especially for your second posting which is precisely what I asked for - "it doesn't work like you might think...."

Paul ,I don't really know how to reply. I always thought that OE was a browser. Perhaps I'm wrong, and if so I stand corrected.
However I find your other info confusing. You say in the first para "if what you want..", then in the second para "however you cant open them..."
All seems rather pointless, as that is precisely what I was asking if it was possible.
I'm now finishing this posting as DieSse has given me chapter and verse.

  PaulB2005 15:26 17 Dec 2005

Outlook Express, Outlook and any other e-mail handling program is an E-Mail Client.

Internet Explorer, Opera and any other program used to surf the net is a Browser.

  Gingermum 08:18 19 Dec 2005

I find your response very bad tempered. I spent a good 20 minutes making sure I got every detail of what I said worked and was correct. I am not paid for doing this but do it to help others as others help me. You might do well to remember that.
And when people say they are confused, they are just that. They are not being awkward, arrogant or stupid. Your posting was confusing and you used incorrect terminology. Quasi telling confused people they are stupid doesn't help anyone. I shall remember not to offer my help to you any more. Learn to take criticism, take a few deep breaths and control your temper. People like you put others off from helping.
And if DieSse helped you, don't you think you should have thanked him for his unpaid time?

  PaulB2005 11:44 19 Dec 2005

Forget about it. Some people are like that...

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