Saving tracks using Nero

  grumpano 10:37 18 Jul 2004

I want to save tracks to my hard drive to make a cd compulation. Can you tell me the format to use for the best cd quality, thenks

  Molded 15:18 18 Jul 2004

My personal preference is for mp3!

It is widely used and recognised by the majority of recent cd players.

Unless you are a hi-fi afficionado with top of the range gear , using mp3 at a bitrate of 192kbps should be ideal.

A sample piece of music ripped at different bitrates will let your ears decide which is best for you.

  leo49 15:59 18 Jul 2004

.mp3 is a lossy compressed format - fine for storing music on your PC where space may be an issue but domestic players do not play .mp3.

What Molded doesn't seem to realise is that when he burns an audio CD from mp3's on his PC, the software uncompresses them to .wav format prior to burning. However, when a music track is ripped as mp3 some of the information data is discarded in the process and gone for ever.Thus for the best audio quality and to accurately reproduce the original CD track you sould use .wav - the uncompressed raw audio format.

  grumpano 20:30 20 Jul 2004

So wav it is, Thank you Leo

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