Saving threads

  Sapins 09:29 20 Jun 2004

I used to save threads to a folder I created, now I get the message "the web page could not be saved to the selected location" no matter where I try to save it to.

What do I have to do to save a thread?

  AndySD 09:39 20 Jun 2004

Just ad an answer to the thread.....

eg post

Just adding to my postings.

Then its in your postings to view at a later date....although this gets problematical when you get huge ammounts in My

  spanneress 09:39 20 Jun 2004

Just add to it...then you can 'view your postings'..i guess that's the simplest way!

  VoG II 09:39 20 Jun 2004

click here (maybe?).

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:55 20 Jun 2004

Usually this happens when the source is from 2 servers. click here

You can also save the page as a screen capture using Gadwin click here

Also highlight the text, copy and paste into notepad/word. I find this better than 'adding to my postings' as you do not get all the extras such as adverts and graphics and you can file them with titles for easy retrieval.


  Sapins 10:10 20 Jun 2004

Thanks AndySD, spanneress, VoG™ and GANDALF <|:-)> I used to put them in my posting's but as mentioned it was getting a bit on the big side.

Just clicked your link VoG™ and it saved it immediately!

Your last suggestion seems to be the better one for me GANDALF <|:-)> I don't have to mess about with settings. Do you use Gadwin?

I think I will be able to save what I want now, so thanks for all your help,



  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:24 20 Jun 2004

Used gadwin for 2 years now...excellent screen copy utility and very configurable.


  Dan the Confused 10:45 20 Jun 2004

How about adding to Favourites?

  Forum Editor 11:24 20 Jun 2004

that are for use in the magazine, and have not found anything better.

  Sapins 11:37 20 Jun 2004

Thanks for your suggestion Dan the Confused but I have downloaded Gadwin Screensaver and as Forum Editor says it does the job brilliantly.

We have a little self-help computer group and I have e-mailed the web address to the members.

I also keep trying to get them to register on the forum but I think as they are beginners they are a little wary, but I'll get them on eventually.

Thanks again to all of you,



  Sapins 11:38 20 Jun 2004

Should have added I'm not much passed the beginner stage myself.

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