saving spreadsheet to floppy

  gjn2 06:48 19 Jul 2003

I have an XL spreadsheet file of 724kb or 744888bytes which I regularly amend and back up to a floppy. Each time I try to save, I receive a message "disk full" and I have to erase the previous version before saving the new.
Is my PC behaving normally? Is there a quicker way?
All thoughts gratefully received


  -pops- 07:12 19 Jul 2003


A normal floppy is 1.44MB. If there is already 724KB on it and you try and put another 724KB on it there will not be enough room (724KB + 724KB = 1.448MB) to fit the second file. That is ignoring the losses due to formatting and hidden files.

Floppy disks are so cheap that I would have thought it is hardly worthwhile trying to squeeze so much information on to one disk. It is also good practice not to write too many times to a floppy, they can become unreliable with overuse.

As for the time aspect, you can't really be concerned about the minute or so taken to write a floppy disk, can you?


  BurrWalnut 08:00 19 Jul 2003

If you're using the same name it should ask you if you want to overwrite the existing one. There should be no need to delete the existing one.

  lindyloo4 08:14 19 Jul 2003

I also back up a spreadsheet onto a floppy. I always use the exisiting name and I receive the option 'This file already exisits - do yo wish to replace it ?' click yes and it overwrites the exisiting file. I'm running ME but I wouldn't have thought that would have made a difference.


  DieSse 09:07 19 Jul 2003

Good practice is to use at least three floppies, and save to each one in turn. That way, is you have any kind of disaster, you always can go back up to two versions, and redo the changes.

As explained above, the "disk full" message is becaus you are changing the name, and there isn't room on the floopy for two files of this size.

  gjn2 13:02 19 Jul 2003

Many thanks for responses. It's the first time I've posted a query - I'm impressed by the prompt help offered.

I have been under the impression that I was saving under the same name, but am I ? The title of the spreadsheet on the main drive is, say, "Main Info", but when I finish updating it I always use "Save as" "aMain Info" - inserting the a just to remind me it's the floppy back up. Sure I am replacing the existing "aMain Info" file on the floppy with another of the same name? I certainly don't get the "Do you want to replace the existing file" message

Brian, I take your points, but it's a niggle & a puzzle!

  -pops- 13:16 19 Jul 2003

DieSse's idea is best and is the same as I use for my system backup and my daily backups - the grandfather, father, son method with three backups - the oldest one then being used to create the latest one.

Please think about not using your floppies for too many times before replacing. They aren't very robust and are subject to all sorts of outside influences - damp, dust, magnetic fields etc. All of these can cause failure.


  lindyloo4 18:05 19 Jul 2003

Once you have clicked 'save as' are you locating the original A drive file first before you click save?
When you click 'save as' it usually defaults to 'my documents' change this to A drive. Your original file will show ie 'aMain Info' if that is what you have called it. Click on this - then click save - that is when you will get the existing file message.

Hope this helps.


I've also taken note what the others have said about using more than one floppy.

  keith-236785 20:11 19 Jul 2003


not nitpickin but a floppy once formatted is only 1.38 MB, they are called 1.44BM but as with hard drives, formatting takes a lump out of the total, i agree with what you say about the price of floppys though.

if you have a cd writer, you would be better using that instead (a cd is about the same price as a floppy.

if not, use three floppys in rotation
1 with the old version, 1 with the new version and 1 blank for next time, next time save to the blank then delete the old version and so on, then you are not relying on only one floppy.

  DieSse 21:07 19 Jul 2003

er - not quite - buy an unformatted floppy and you will see the raw capacity is 2Mb. It's the formatted capacity that's 1.44Mb.

  jazzypop 23:36 19 Jul 2003

If you insert a floppy with any large Office file (document, spreadsheet etc) and open it straight from floppy, without copying it to the hard drive first and opening the hard drive copy, you are always likely to receive a 'disk full message when you try to re-save the file.

(Yes, I know that the sentence above is far too long.)

The reason is that Office tracks the changes you make, and stores them to disk. This is so that the Undo facility can do its job. After a while, the size of the (hidden) 'undo' file can become very large. If you have the 'save a copy automatically every x minutes' facility turned on, this compounds the problem.

So, it is east to start out with a 600KB file, work on it and create a 100KB Undo file, as well as a 'temporarily saved version' 600KB file and not have room to re-save the original 600KB file back to the floppy.

The solution is to always copy a file from floppy to hard drive first. Then, all temporary files are created on the hard drive. Once you want to save it, save straight back to the floppy.

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