Saving a scanned image?

  Ray5776 14:54 10 Mar 2007

Hi everyone,

I am using a program Photocopier Pro from Nicoccupen if anyone is familiar with this. As a copier it`s very good but when it comes to saving the document I have scanned I cannot get it to do this.
It gives me the option to save it but after I have apparently done so it can never be found.
Any suggestions please, maybe some other software, I just want to scan something in and save it as a file.


  Jackcoms 15:08 10 Mar 2007

Just a thought but whenever I scan using my Medion scanner, the images are saved as a .tmp file within the program itself - C:/Program Files/Medion/Scan Panel/xxxxx.tmp.

Have you tried looking in a similar location?

  Ray5776 15:18 10 Mar 2007

Thanks for the suggestion Jackcoms but it is not there, I can name the file and seemingly save it to the location of my choice but when I search for it nothing anywhere.

  Technotiger 15:52 10 Mar 2007

Hi, does your scanner software not enable you to save-as? rather than trying to save with PP from N

  Diemmess 15:58 10 Mar 2007

You haven't named your scanner, but a browse on Google and reviews there, don't seem to have a problem of any sort particularly with the Pro version, though the reviews only refer to prining the result.

Having always used the bundled software that came with the scanner I haven't faced your problem - YET.

Could it be one of those silly things which might disappear if you uninstalled and reinstalled the Photocopier Pro? If you do this, then do a full reboot between your actions.

Failing that working, is it possible to find the maker's drivers for your scanner.

Jackcoms mentioned the opportunity to choose where to make a copy, using his software.
I have the same facility. Obviously, before doing any photo editing you need a file to be accessible.

  Kev B 16:03 10 Mar 2007

Is it not possible to open the scanner within another program that allows TWAIN devices? Then you can save using that proggie. Eg. In Paint Shop Pro go File/Import/Twain Acquire or in Word go Insert/Picture/From Scanner or Camera.

  chub_tor 16:07 10 Mar 2007

Just a thought........ I use Photocopier from Nico Cuppen, just the basic version, and this works excellently just as a normal photocopier would - ie. there is no option to Save a document just copy and print it. I guess then that the Save option is in the Pro version of which only the 30 day trial option is free according to the website. Perhaps Save is disabled in the trial version and is only available if you pay for the full version.

  Ray5776 16:12 10 Mar 2007

Thanks all,
Technotiger, yes I can "save as" but the file can never be found.
I have tried Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop neither of which could save it for some reason. This should be easy stuff.
I have found a solution by downloading a freebie
"Photofiltre" which does what I want with no problem.
It looks quite good for a bit of free software so here is the link click here
click here anyone wants to give it a try.
Thanks ror your responses.


  Ray5776 16:16 10 Mar 2007

Sorry about that link :-)
I will try again

  Technotiger 16:21 10 Mar 2007

What I meant was, as others here have also suggested, scanning and using save-as in a program other then PP from N.

  Ray5776 16:22 10 Mar 2007

Try this oneclick here
click here

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