Saving programs to CD-R

  SB23 09:59 21 Dec 2005

In preparation of replacing my hard drive,I have started putting my important stuff onto CD-R before the drive goes for good.When copying,I sometimes get a warning saying that the file contains extra info,and that if I continue,this info will be lost,but the contents will not be affected,and do I wish to continue?
After copying a few programs onto a disc,I checked to see if the programs would reinstall,and all seems ok,so what does this message actually refer to?

  jack 10:30 21 Dec 2005

Not sure what you mean exactly when you said copying 'Programs'

If you are doing what I suspect - that you have gone to 'C'/Programs and copied off contents- Then it is highly likely that these files whilst appearing to be OK on test on the host machine - will not in fact transfer to a CD in a form to 'install on a virgin' drive so as to run.
This is because as I understand it elememts of the program are lodged in the registery of the existing machine.-
The best way to do a transfer is to remove the drive from the retiring machine, set it to slave- connect to new machine temporarily- and copy the whole shebang over- operating system and all.

  PaulB2005 10:33 21 Dec 2005

SB23 - i understand. You have clearly copied the program installation files as you clearly said "I checked to see if the programs would reinstall"

I have also seen the message about loosing information when copying files to CDR and would like to know what info is lost.

  SB23 10:43 21 Dec 2005

Programs that I download I usually send to the My documents folder where I have have created extra folders to keep them.Although mainly all free,I am storing these onto CD-R.
2 weeks ago I reformatted my hard drive and had to reinstall everything,because my HD is slowly but surely on its way out.The programs that I already have on the CD-R were fine and reinstalled with no problems.So,as I said,I would just like to know what exactly is lost in the copying process?,because it doesn't seem to affect the reinstallation at all.

  jack 12:16 21 Dec 2005

Ahhh I see it all now!
Downloaded programs -gotcha!
These are course are complete in Zip or some other compressed form
Thats fine - I transfer all downloaded stuff to my External drive for safe keeping
You can do ditto onto CD

  PaulB2005 12:24 21 Dec 2005

It's possible that if you have Indexing switched on on the drive that they are stored on the Indexing information might be lost when moved to the CDR. Although i haven't yet found the answer I'm sure it's just something like that and nothing important to the file.

  kro 12:34 21 Dec 2005

I'm pretty sure theat PaulB2005 is correct - used to get this message all the time until I turned indexing off - and it never affected anything I copied.

Just a suggestion, why not install your old HD as a slave and use that as a backup - this is what I did when I installed a new, larger HD. If you use a "briefcase" it takes a couple of clicks to keep it up to date and takes away the necessity of having loads of CDs on hand. Additionally, as Jack suggests, you don't need to copy any files over as they will be accessable in the slave HD.

  SB23 12:53 21 Dec 2005

How would that work,if the current HD isn't what it used to be,its got lots of bad sectors.Thats why I'm looking to replace it.Even as a "slave" would it be worth it?
What do you mean "use a briefcase"?

  kro 13:16 21 Dec 2005

SB23, sorry I was thinking you were changing your HD for a larger one, not because it was on the way out.

As for briefcases, if you right click in windows explorer and go for "new" one of the options is "Briefcase" which gives you and icon that looks like... well, a briefcase. If you drag or copy a folder or file into the briefcase the copy keeps a watch on the original file/folder for any changes. Right clicking on the briefcase allows you to "update" with one click.

This works between folders, CD-RWs and different drives, so if your old HD wasn't knackered it would have been a quick method to backup.

  SB23 13:55 21 Dec 2005

That's ok,but thanks for explaining the briefcase,I can use that now that I know what it does

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