Saving Problems

  AubreyS 21:57 11 May 2003

Hi all. Whenever I try to save a picture from the internet (no! Pictures of cars before your minds start to wander) to a certain folder. I then go to that folder and it's not there. I do a search and find it in the temporary internet folder. No matter where I try to save it it will ALWAYS be in the temporary internet folder. I'm running Windows ME and IE 6. Thanks for any help guy's.

  hugh-265156 23:52 11 May 2003

not sure so am bumping it up for ya.but what happens if you right click and select copy then go to the folder you want and right click again and paste it?

  jazzypop 23:59 11 May 2003

The components of any page that you have viewed (text, pictures etc) will always be in the temporary internet folder - that's what it is there for.

The question therefore, is what method you are using to save the picture, and how the contents of the target folder is displayed.

If you right-click a picture, choose 'save picture as', navigate to and choose your Desktop as the destination, does a copy appear there?

I assume you are using Internet Explorer - which version of Windows?

  Djohn 00:12 12 May 2003

Try the following. Open the folder, "My Documents" and create a new folder inside that by right click and choose, "New Folder".

Re-name this folder.


When you now go to save anything from the net, click on "Save" and when the window opens, you will probably see in the top menu window, the folder "My Documents", (If not, then click on the arrow to the right of window, and select, My Documents).

This will display all the folders in there, and you will see the new folder you have created. Click on this folder to open it, then click on the "Save" button, (Lower right of window).

Download will now start and find it's own way there. Once you are off the net, click on "MY Documents" then the folder named "Downloads" and there it is. good luck. J.

  Djohn 00:16 12 May 2003

Sorry about the crossed post, didn't realise it had taken me so long to type it! :o(

  AubreyS 08:11 12 May 2003

If I do as you say, It will be saved in the Win Temp folder no matter where I ask it to be saved. I do realise that the temp folder will save it there anyway, but I try to save it elsewhere.
The method that I use is, right click, save as, then folder of my choice and it will NOT be in there. I do a search and its in the Win temp folder. I tried the save to desktop. That worked. So maybe that's the answer then move it to where I want it. As I said, I'm using IE6.
Thanks all for the help. I suppose I'd better get ready for the daily grind!

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