Saving print preferences, Epson Photo Stylus 870

  stlucia 12:30 25 Oct 2004

I usually use my Epson 870 to print photos from IfranView onto 100 x 150 glossy photo paper. Every time, I have to re-set the options for paper size, paper type, reduced margins, etc.

I can't find any facility to store these settings as a 'preference' or something like that. Can it be done?

  Diemmess 13:21 25 Oct 2004

If you find Printers in Control Panel and open it you should see the 870 there.
Right click on the 870 choose Properties.
Click on the button near the bottom -Printing properties.

Now you can choose your settings as usual, but these will be the default settings and will only need to be changed if you are printing something quite different from an application

  stlucia 13:57 25 Oct 2004

Okay, thanks Diemess. I'll check that out when I get home.

  Peter 14:21 25 Oct 2004


If you do as Diemmess suggests, but do it on a copy of your printer driver saved with a different name, say Epson 870 Postcard, you can select the driver to suit your printing situation.


  Diemmess 15:29 25 Oct 2004

stlucia makes a good point............ If you do correspondence or anything with a standard A4 sheet it could be a pain to have to play with the settings again.

So with a duplicate of the drivers (but different name), the only thing left to decide is which "printer" will be the default, and that also you can settle in control panel.

  stlucia 16:02 25 Oct 2004

I'm not quite with you Peter: Are you saying that I can "Add" my printer again so that it appears in the printer dialogue box twice, and then modify the default properties and name of one of them? Or is there some other way to make it appear twice without doing another "Add Printer"?

  Peter 18:19 25 Oct 2004


I'm using Windows 95, so this is a bit of guesswork on my part, as it is unlikely that you are using Windows 95, but yes you should be able to add your printer again with a slight variation on the name and then tailor it with your higher quality photo settings. I have not tries this myself, but it should be possible. Maybe someone out there has tried this idea already?


  stlucia 08:50 26 Oct 2004

Thanks Peter and Diemmess. I forgot to say, I'm using Win XP home edition. Anyway, I've added another printer and given it a different name, so now I've got the Epson 870 appearing in my Printers dialogue box twice.

I've set the default Properties for the "new" printer to my normal "Landscape, 100x150, Premium Glossy Photo paper, extended bottom margin" setting. It remembers the paper type and margins settings, but it still always defaults back to Portrait A4 whenever I use it. Any suggestions, please?

  Peter 15:26 26 Oct 2004


Try changing just that option ("Landscape" or "100x150") in your new printer driver and save it. Don't try changing all the different options and then saving them all at once.


  Peter 22:27 26 Oct 2004


Also make any changes that you want to stay put in the printer driver from the Printers option of the Control Panel, not from within the programme you are using to print from. Changes made to the printer settings from within, say Word, usually only last until you shut Word down and may only affect Word.


  stlucia 08:32 27 Oct 2004

Thanks Peter. I've been making the changes in the Control Panel (right click on the printer icon in the Printers dialogue box, then select Properties). I'll try changing one parameter at a time and see if it retains paper size and orientation then.

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