saving postings

  ollie < one> 22:18 10 Jul 2003

hi all
have come across a few posting that r usefull to me for future ref.i cant remember how to save other peoples postings to my post i know it can be done as ive a couple of others ive saved before
thanks in advance

  jazzypop 22:22 10 Jul 2003

Just post a reply to the thread a simple . or ^ will do, if you don't actually wish to say anything.

Then the thread will be added to your list of 'My Postings', which is available from the drop-down list at the bottom right of each thread.

Alternatively, just use 'Add to Favourites' from your browser menu.

  Forum Editor 23:12 10 Jul 2003

you could simply copy and paste the relevant text to a Word doc or some other text file for your own use. 00:07 11 Jul 2003

just copy the bits I want and bung 'em in notepad.

  jakedawe 00:28 11 Jul 2003

Surely you can't copy and paste (even for your own personal use) or is PCA waiving Copyright???

  Pesala 00:32 11 Jul 2003

You can copy and paste for your own personal use. If someone published a Tips and Tricks book, magazine, or website using the stuff from this site I'm sure PCA would take a very different view though.

  Megatyte 02:25 11 Jul 2003

The copyright belongs to the author of the text.


  Pesala 03:21 11 Jul 2003

All material on this website is copyright © 1999-2003. PC Advisor. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of PC Advisor is prohibited.

  Andybear 12:45 11 Jul 2003

The FE says they can be copied to a text file for personal use - that's good enough for me.

  Megatyte 13:10 11 Jul 2003

Just read the site policy(Forum registration conditions). I didn't realise that we were passing copyright over to PCA(who ever reads the small print?).


  Megatyte 13:13 11 Jul 2003

Just read = I've just read, not you read.



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