Saving pictures

  rins36 22:34 16 Oct 2005


my stepdad has 50+ photo's he wants putting onto a cd or dvd

I can save to cd no probs but my pc wont let me save pics to dvd, have tried dvd-r & dvd+r

the message keeps coming up as 'please insert new cd/dvd'

the dvd is blank

I am i right in thinking you can save pics to dvd or not

thanks in advance

  PaulB2005 22:37 16 Oct 2005

You can but does he have a DVD writer?

  VoG II 22:39 16 Oct 2005

What writing software are you using?

  rins36 22:40 16 Oct 2005

No but both my desktop & laptop have a cd/dvd writer on them

  rins36 22:43 16 Oct 2005

Vog its the software tht came with my pc, not sure wht it is (sorry)

Whn i go to save to cd a wizard pops up and i follow the instructions inc naming the cd/dvd

  VoG II 22:50 16 Oct 2005

I don't think that the Windows CD writer can write to DVD. I think that you need something like Nero click here

  splork 23:07 16 Oct 2005

As far as I know there is no Picture-DVD format as there is with a CD. Surely putting 50 pics on a DVD is a waste of 4+ gb? CD would be the more obvious choice

  Totally-braindead 23:26 16 Oct 2005

Tend to agree with splork here and with Vog as well. If you're using Windows XP built in writing program then as far as I am aware it will not write to DVDs only CDs and splork makes a valid point, CDs are cheaper than DVDs and will run in a DVD player the same as a DVD will. 50 photos will only take up about 100 meg 200 megs if its a really fancy image and a CD can store up to 800 megs of info, you'd only be using between an eighth and a quarter of a CD.

  Totally-braindead 23:27 16 Oct 2005

Should have said, if you burn to CD just write as DATA and it'll run in a stand alone DVD player connected to a TV.

  rins36 15:28 18 Oct 2005

thnks ppl

can you download Nero off the internet

  anchor 15:35 18 Oct 2005

You can download a trial version of Nero 6 here:

click here

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