Saving PDF in MS-Word

  Furkin 08:45 28 Sep 2007

Hi all,

Sorry to be thick - again.
I have recently recived a couple of attached pdf. files. I open them alright,,, but I can't save them to MS-Word.

I don't get the option to cut'n'paste, so i try 'Save as'.

I have tried changing the File Conversion in Word - to no avail.
(There also seems to be a hell of a lot of Page Breaks in whatever the thing opens in, despite the oroginal document only being one page (or maybe two)

I am using A.Reader 8.1 and the files open o.k.
I am using Word 2002 with SP3.
I am using XP Home.

I can't recall having this problem in the past.

thanks for reading

  VoG II 09:04 28 Sep 2007

click here but this won't work if the PDF file is protected to prevent copying.

  Technotiger 09:29 28 Sep 2007

An acknowledgement to VoG™, or perhaps a bit of feedback would be nice! Perhaps helpfull also to others in future!

  Furkin 09:29 28 Sep 2007

Thanks again VoG,

I followed the instructions as per v6 (slightly different Menu/names etc) but it worked.

This is how i've been swapping files from prog to prog for years - ('cept Quark Xpress which won't open anything except Quark,,,,, even then it's picky what it will & won't open !) so I can't understand where I've been going wrong lately !

Anyway: "Alls well" as 'they' say.

Cheers VoG

  Furkin 09:32 28 Sep 2007

Cheers Techno,,,,,
I did write a response,,,, but when I ticked Resolved,,,, I lost the nmessage & had to do it again.

I always respond - good or bad - as you say, for other readers.

I'd be lost without this forum - well done to you all.

  Technotiger 09:35 28 Sep 2007

OK - my apologies to you then, I think that has probably happened to us all at some time. Cheers!

  Taff™ 09:53 28 Sep 2007

I`ve tried this PDF2Word program after a link on this forum. click here I have to say it does what it says on the tin. You can download the free trial to see for yourself although it is limited to 100 conversions of up to 5 pages (I think). Give it a whirl.

  Furkin 11:05 30 Sep 2007

cheers Taff,

Although I can now just cut'n'paste I did download this program.

Only tried it once (not successfully - my fault - not the prog) and am now down to 91 tries !

I got as far as open > select file (i took a pdf from ms-word) It gave me a list of preferences,,, the topmost one seemed to suit me & said 'good'. I clicked o.k, & it gave me the option to 'save' which I did as 'pdf file x 2' in ms-word. When I tried to open it,,,, it was similar to none conversion,,,, boxes, symbols etc. That was as far as I got.

Thanks for the reply,,,, will try again later to see where I went wrong.

  Taff™ 02:07 01 Oct 2007

I have just used the defaults as you outlined & they seem to work. I am converting from original PDF`s though, not previously converted Word documents - perhaps that makes the difference?

  Furkin 09:45 02 Dec 2007

I needed to save another PDF today, in the form of a,,,, form ! A Courier Invoice actually - as basic as they come. An A4 with 4 fields including senders details, recipients details, order details & account holders details all in a neat box.
I did the quick ctrl+a > ctrl+c and opened a blank Word page and ctrl+v.
I got all the details, but in a line down the left of the page taking up about a fifth of the space 'across' the page,,,, & running to 2 pages.
All the details were there except they wern't in their appropriate boxes,,,, or set out right.
I looked at the Microsoft Help page, but it only shows version 6.
I looked at the HELP for A.Reader v 8 & it says to look in FILE > SAVE AS TEXT. I can only see 'SAVE AS,,,,' & up pops the programs that I have. I click on MS-Word,,,, but it still isn't right.
This post is just to bring things up to date, tho' I still can't cut'n'paste things like this.
My previous PDF to WORD files were just 'text' (letter/e-mail etc) & the cut'n'paste might have worked properly for that (in a fashion - I probably had to re 'format' things).
I had previously downloaded a trial verson of PDF2WORD (thanks Taff) & it does it straight away. Looks like i'll have to buy a program for this,,,, unless someone out there knows better !

thanks to you all


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