Saving password to USB storage drive

  ruskle 17:31 14 Apr 2006

I have a few programs which need "user name" and "password" such as BT Openzone etc and wonder if there is a way I can store these on a USB flash drive dongle thing, maybe just plug it in and it will load them for me. I know I could print them out in Word and save a file so I won't forget them but is there an easier way? I seem to have read somewhere about a program for that purpose but cany remeber where, I am sure it was on this forum.


  VoG II 17:34 14 Apr 2006

How about click here

  Forum Editor 17:42 14 Apr 2006

click here for the one I normally recommend. It has a very familiar interface, and is a dream to use.

  ruskle 20:47 14 Apr 2006

Thanks to both FE and VoG.
I find the one suggested by FE easier to use, (could be the wine I had with my dinner). I will upgrade to the pro version, it's amazing how many passwords etc we have when we start to look around.
The pro version has the facility to back up to the USB drive.
Thanks again.


  Jackcoms 20:50 14 Apr 2006

I keep all my passwords/log in details, etc in an Excel spreadsheet.

No need for additional software.

  VoG II 20:56 14 Apr 2006

!!! Isn't that a trifle 'dangerous'?

  Jackcoms 20:58 14 Apr 2006

"!!! Isn't that a trifle 'dangerous'?"

No, because the spreadsheet is stored on an external medium, not on the PC

  VoG II 21:02 14 Apr 2006

Up to you obviously but I wouldn't do that. I know how easy it is to 'crack' Excel passwords - in fact I've had to go to some lengths to protect some of my own work.

  Jackcoms 21:16 14 Apr 2006

I may be missing your point.

If I forget my password/log-in for a particular website, I simply plug my 'external medium' in to the PC and have a quick look at the spreadsheet for the password I need.

I can then gain access to the website.

I then remove my external medium from the PC.

The external medium is stored in a safe place away from the PC.

Unless I'm missing your point, I fail to see the danger you refer to.

  terryf 21:20 14 Apr 2006

click here for a cheap and cheerful password manager that fits easily on a floppybut you need to remember a password to open it. I have used it for as long as I can remember (but the short term memory goes first)

  ruskle 12:46 15 Apr 2006

The Access Manager suggested by FE suits me fine, all the software and files take up less than 6MB and are on the USB flashdrive,there is nothing on the HD itself, just a icon on the desktop to run the program from the Flashdrive and the entries go straight onto the drive.

Thanks for all the feedback,

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