Saving old messenger conversations!

  gazmix 02:56 12 Mar 2007

I have messenger 7.5. I go to tools, options & messages.
I click on the box to save all old messages & it saa file name where i guess it should be stored!
It says C:\Documents & settings\user\My Documents

I click apply & after a converstaion i check in my documents & there isn't anything there!

What am i doing wrong anyone!!


  moorie- 03:10 12 Mar 2007

to see where youve saved it,
go to my computer/double click c drive/document settings/user/my documents
and its in there
for future saving just choose my documents from pull down menu and then you can access it from where your currently looking

  gazmix 16:14 12 Mar 2007

Hi Moorie
When i do as you say, it just takes me to the 'my documents' folder that i have in my desktop!

I get my documents, my picture, my music & my recieved files!
My documents is full of mpegs & clips & photos.
My pictures contains just the 'default' sample pics.
My music contains some tunes & thats it!
My recieved files is just college stuff

Maybe i should save it to my desktop, at least i can see it there.

1 difference is, is that when i open my documents via my computer, all my clips are listed in text, e.g. movie clip, mp3 format sound, wmp audio etc! & not little thumbnails!!

There are some dat.files when i click 'user' & when i click the cookies box, i get something a text file mentioning messenger, so i guess there is something around!,but not anything i can open to see a conversation!.

Maybe it's because i activated the 'save old messages' halfway through a messenger conversation!.
I recall there are 2 boxes, should i check them both in messenger!
But i guess if i saved them to desktop & deleted as required, i could at least find them!

  skidzy 16:52 12 Mar 2007

Gaz i remember you having another thread similar to this,have you tried looking My Received Files.

  Kat440 17:18 12 Mar 2007

Skidzy is correct in what he say's it is in my received files.

I experimented on my PC and ticked the save messages in my msn.
Go to start- my computer- then at the top there is under the heading(files stored on this computer) with 2 folders underneath- shared documents then ****documents,(in my case it say's karens documents)

Once in there there is a file- My received files, access that then you should see a file that has some or all your msn name on it??(mine does) then inside this there is a folder titled history.
There you should find all off your conversations!??

Hope this helps(sorry if it confuses you even more)

  Kat440 17:27 12 Mar 2007

The beginning bit to my answer is also another way of getting to my received files in which moorie also mentions. Didn't read it that properly oops.!!

  gazmix 18:44 12 Mar 2007

C:\Documents & settings\user\my documents\my recieved files
all i have there is my college stuff. Word document stuff!
Nothing more!

I have my documents in my desktop & my computer on my desktop too, so i don't need to go to "my computer" to get to 'my documents'.

I'm wondering if i needed to click the 2 boxes in messenger, tools, messages that are to do with saving messages!!

  Kat440 19:16 12 Mar 2007

In regards to ticking the 2 boxes in msn.

You only need to tick: Automatically keep a history of all my conversations.
As the other option just shows you the end of the conversation in the message window when you speak to someone.

Sorry can't help you any further.


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