Saving Internet pix when you can't right click

  rachel99 20:17 30 Jul 2008


I'm trying to save a couple of pix off the Internet onto my computer.
Normally I can right click, save etc & its ok.

But the right click isn't working on these ones, & doesn't allow the Save.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Rachel x

  MarvintheAndroid 20:22 30 Jul 2008

You could screen grab, many image editors can do that.


  skidzy 20:24 30 Jul 2008

You can try PRTSCN + CTRL , then open Paint and select edit and then paste,you can then crop the pic to suit.

Bit of work i know,or there are other apps that will do similar.

Though obviously this pic in question maybe copyrighted restricting the right click menu save pic

  skidzy 20:25 30 Jul 2008

Sorry marv,you beat me to it :-)

  sidecar sid 20:34 30 Jul 2008

If you have a wheel mouse try holding down the wheel when you right click.
Will sometimes work.

  MAJ 20:57 30 Jul 2008

Best way is to turn off active scripting, then try your right-click again, although if the images are copyrighted you shouldn't use them without the owners consent.

  Technotiger 21:02 30 Jul 2008

Use this click here and you can capture anything you see on the web. auto-save to your My Pictures, it includes an excellent editor too.

  Technotiger 21:04 30 Jul 2008

BTW can you provide a link to the pics?

  Technotiger 21:05 30 Jul 2008

Ignore the price quoted - it is free for private use.

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