Saving Internet mail on Office/Home PC?

  TonyV 18:53 29 Jul 2005

Is there a simple way of saving mail that is based in an Internet mail system in its own database? We are constantly having problems with our database allocation being used up. One answer is to save a lot of the mail to the HD on the Office/Home PC. Then put it on a CD. then deleting it from the HD. I have looked on the system being used and the option there to move mail to a folder, but that folder is held in the database!

What I want to do is to save a large number of large files, averaging 360kb. each, then deleting them from the database and thereby freeing up further space. At the moment when we try to send mail with the attachments, which account for the size of the files, it fails because the database is full.



  DieSse 19:51 29 Jul 2005

Which mail service?

  TonyV 19:56 29 Jul 2005

It is one from a company that we act for in Italy! So is presumably set up on their own server system. They used to use Lotus Notes as the communication media, but decided it would be better to use an Internet Mail system.


  TonyV 20:07 29 Jul 2005

The tabs available seem to have similar headings as the likes of Hotmail where there is a "Move to Folder" facility, but this of course, goes in to the same database. Unless, there is a means of creating a new folder that is say "C:\My Documents\Email\.....". As I say earlier, I think the only real way is to save the mail to a folder on the C drive, but how do I save the mail and attachment so that it/they can be opened?



  DieSse 20:56 29 Jul 2005

"but how do I save the mail and attachment so that it/they can be opened?"

You may or may not be able to - I think you'll have to ask the company that runs the mail server if there's a way of doing what you want - or increasing the sace you're allocated.

  TonyV 21:10 29 Jul 2005

We've already asked for an extension to the database size. It has been updated once or twice, but still we keep getting the full message. If we can't save the messages and their attachments, I'm not sure what we can do to make sure that we know exactly what has been sent through to them. It is the attachment, which is of their design that is causing the problem. It is such a big file, and we could be sending, or trying to send, a message with six or more attachments!

I suppose the only thing to do is to make sure that the attachment references are included in the message and print a copy of that message and keep that on file. Our machine has the attachment, since we have completed the details in it, so we can then reconcile the two pieces of information together. So much for a paperless office!!!!

Thanks for your interest. I'll leave this thread open for a while just in case someone else has some further suggestions.


  DieSse 21:38 29 Jul 2005

Ask them if you can get POP/SMTP access to their server (like you can if you pay in Hotmail). This could solve your problem, as you could then use Outlook/Outlook Express/Thunderbird/etc for your mails - then you will have in-house folders.

  TonyV 21:49 29 Jul 2005

This I have already tried, but they flatly refuse to let me set up OE to send our mail! They are insistent that we use the Internet Mail!


  TonyV 19:01 30 Jul 2005

I take it, now, there is no simple way of saving Internet Mail to my hard Drive. I will therefore tick this one now. Thanks DieSse for your comments.


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