Saving Ink- cutting costs a pleasant surprise

  jack 10:26 06 Feb 2010

I have for many years used Ink Saver to cut my ink usage costs even further .
It works very well too.
I have in recent times dumped inkjet in favour of a colour laser.- a tad more expensive to run perhaps?
Then I thought - will ink saver work on the Colour laser?
Try it and see.
The FAQ's on Ink Saver site - Don't work for lasers
Well I have news for them and you all - IT DOES.

If you would like to try it

click here

  exdragon 15:51 06 Feb 2010

Spam, FE informed

  jack 16:58 06 Feb 2010

You may be forgiven if you are new here.
I do not send out spam
only hopefully useful advice and information

  GaT7 17:02 06 Feb 2010

exdragon, I can confirm jack is OK. Never known him to be a spammer :-). G

  Sea Urchin 17:51 06 Feb 2010

Although he may have shares in Inksaver :@)

click here

  thumbscrew 21:27 06 Feb 2010 rear end...he's passing on a tip he's found, exdragon, that's why it's called a Helproom. Explain how Ink Saver works jack.

  exdragon 23:12 06 Feb 2010

Apologies if I'm wrong, but two similar posts in two different areas within two minutes?

thumbscrew - no need to be rude.

  Woolwell 23:15 06 Feb 2010

It does look like spam as it is in 3 areas. I think Jack went a bit OTT tonight trying to be helpful.

  thumbscrew 23:21 06 Feb 2010

Hey, now I'm the bad guy!!! Apologies exdragon, things sound amplified in print, I cite Mein Kampf in that was a bad guy!!!

  theDarkness 02:42 07 Feb 2010

jack, even if u are an innocent newbie user posting in numerous areas about similar products you found useful, then please dont dont make your posts sound like copy and paste advertising from a questionable, primarily american print related website ;)

ink is of course an expense, and whats on offer with ink monitoring/control does sound like a good idea, spam or not, but.. id prob have to hear reviews from more than one customer that doesnt have a share in the company about whether its main 'inksaver' product really works or not. ill do my bit for the company by mentioning theres a free trial on the homepage, but ill only be able to give it a go once ive bothered to buy another round of ink, lol.

  thumbscrew 09:27 07 Feb 2010

Come on jack...stand your corner.

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