Saving Hotmail emails

  the hick 20:24 23 Sep 2008

Using Outlook Express, it is possible to rightclick, and then move an email to a different file on a c-drive to save it somewhere else. How can I save Hotmails to my c-drive? Bit stuck here. Is it even possible?

  jolorna 20:53 23 Sep 2008

read through this thread click here

  lotvic 21:13 23 Sep 2008

If you are using OE to collect your Hotmail (as I am)
I just drag them from the Hotmail set of folders in Outlook Express to another folder I have created in Outlook Express, Local Folders
then you treat them the same as any other email

  the hick 19:45 25 Sep 2008

jolorna, that method does not work with Hotmail. lotvic, how does one colect Hotmail on OE, I didnt think it was possible?

  lotvic 01:21 28 Sep 2008

the hick
Sorry I misunderstood, I thought you were using the 'old' free hotmail that could be collected in Outlook Express - from before Microsoft altered the way new free accounts were handled. (before they brought in Live hotmail)

  lotvic 12:32 28 Sep 2008

You need to explain to us exactly what methods and programs you are using at present and if you are using OE or Windows Mail or Live Hotmail on your pc or if you are using Webmail through your browser - Internet Explorer or Firefox or other.
Also is it the free Hotmail or paid for Hotmail.
and are you on XP or Vista?

It is impossible to help you unless we know what setup you've got.

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