Saving Files and formating hard drive

  norwich 14:02 30 Sep 2010

Dear Sir's

I have been told that by formating my hard drive it would help to speed up my pc.But I would'nt have the first idea how to do this so I just hope one of you kind people could help and advise me.

I have a Packard bell with XP


  Nontek 14:06 30 Sep 2010

Formatting your hard drive would also remove ALL your programs, personal settings, pictures, etc so you should first backup all your important items to another hard drive or a to memory stick or to DVD(s).

  Nontek 14:09 30 Sep 2010

You would also need to have your Original XP CD to re-install XP after-wards, plus all the necessary drivers.

If you do not feel confident of being able to do all this yourself, I would call in an expert, or take it to your local PC shop.

  Nontek 14:13 30 Sep 2010

There are simpler ways to improve speed/performance - adding extra RAM for starters. Then running Ccleaner and cleaning up the hard drive - even opening your computer case and giving the inside a good clean-out with a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner (don't hold the nozzle too close), this would get rid of any build-up of dust and fluff etc, especially around the air vents.

No doubt others will come and tell you many other ways to achieve a faster PC, without re-formatting!

  norwich 14:17 30 Sep 2010

Thank very much Nontek I will start with the cleaning part first as I know about that side by the way my pc has about 60% space on it.

Thanks again

  norwich 14:27 30 Sep 2010

One other thing I forgot to mention was I get a lot of times when the program is not resonding messagers

Thanks again

  Nontek 14:36 30 Sep 2010

Some of the suggestions that I, and I am sure others too, will make to help speed up your PC, may also have the side effect of eliminating such error notices.

  norwich 14:39 30 Sep 2010

Thanks Nontek I will give it ago.


  Nontek 14:40 30 Sep 2010

Run the simple 'One-click-maintenance' from click here note that you can download/install the Pro version for Free at the moment.

Also, have a good read of this earlier PCA Thread, particularly skidzy's recommendations click here

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