Saving files to CD-RW

  baldyx 17:49 24 May 2007

I have files on cd-rw, mainly word & Excel files.
Each time I edit a file and try to save ,the word/excel does not allow me to save back to the CD-RW & states that the file is Read only.
At the moment, I have to save the file to hard disk then copy back to CD_RW with Nero software.

Is there a method which will allow me to save/replace directly to CD-RW ?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:55 24 May 2007

To use a RW disk like a hard drive then you need to have Nero's INCD installed.

DO NOT rely on Files on a RW disk, RW diks lose their "readability" (now theres a word to conjour with) very easily.

  gel 17:57 24 May 2007

I do not know if this is of any help.
I have a desk top and a lap top and so that I can see files on either I save all my documents to a memory stick which I back up to another stick each week
I tried the same system with disc's but it did not work so well
I keep very little on hard disc.
I use the same system for saving pictures but in this case I do back up all original pictures to a disc.
Hope this helps

  Stuartli 17:59 24 May 2007

Use a CD-R in multisession mode in Nero until it is full rather than CD-RW disks which, due to the technology required, have a far lower level of reflectivity than the CD-R disks and therefore prove difficult for some optical drives to read.

  Totally-braindead 18:29 24 May 2007

I agree with the others, I no longer use CDRW after losing some files I had backed up to it. They are very unreliable, CDRs are a different kettle of fish, as has been said just use them as a multisession disk and you can keep adding till its full.
I also tried InCD and found that a bit wonky even with CDRs so to my mind the multisession idea is a lot better.
Incidently bearing in mind how easily RW disks corrupt if theres anything on the disk that you don't have backed up elsewhere I would back them up now to be safe.

  baldyx 23:34 26 May 2007

Thanks all but my original problem is not resolved i.e. saving an edited file (with WORD ,Excell etc)with the same file name back to its original location i.e. on CD be it CD-R or CD-RW .

The CD-r & CD-RW & backups are side issues.

Multisession CD presumably means more files can be added to the CD rather than replacing the existing file which has been edited.

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