Saving files on CD RW

  baldyx 20:22 27 Feb 2005

I have copied several existing files (word & Excel formats) from floppy disk to the CD-RW, because want to eliminate the use of floppy disk.

But when I edit the file on the CD-RW using ,say Excel and try to save the the files back on to the CD-RW, can't do it because the files are READ Only on the CD_RW when I copied them originally.

When I try to change the attribute from Read to Archive, I am not allowed because access is denied.

Please tell me how to overcome this for all the files in one go as I have several files.

  mattyc_92 20:27 27 Feb 2005

If you are going to change them regually, then use a floppy disk.... If the files are too big for a floppy disk, then you will have to copy and paste the files you want to change onto your hard-disk.... Then burn them back to disk...

  baldyx 20:30 27 Feb 2005

I really do not want to use floppy disks any more !

  mattyc_92 20:32 27 Feb 2005

Well you will have to either "partiton" your hard-disk, buy an external one or keep on having to "burn" your files back to cd each time you change them...

  woodchip 20:33 27 Feb 2005

You cannot do it on the CDRW as it's classed as a read only device, I know it should, but that's the way it work's if you want to change you have to overwrite with a newer file, or delete it and load the new one. And when you copy back to the Hard drive you will have to remove the read only attribute

  Totally-braindead 20:36 27 Feb 2005

Unless the files are very large I'd consider using CDRs rather than CDRW disks, CDRW disks are not as reliable as CDRs. I had a few that I couldn't read so only use CDRs now and have never had a problem. I just set the disk as a multisession disk and keep adding files on until its full.

  mattyc_92 20:39 27 Feb 2005

Yes but if you use CD-Rs, then when the disk gets full, you will have to use another, but a CD-RW can be just formatted....

I agree a CD-RW CAN be a problem to read on other systems, but on the system that burnt it, there aren't any problems..... But it is quite rare this problem is....

  Totally-braindead 20:42 27 Feb 2005

I've just had a think about this, if you want to continue using your CDRW disks then what I suggest is this. Open the file from CDRW edit it or whatever and save the file as a different name for example the file XWX, open it, edit it and then save as.... XWX270205, the date as an idea. Then the next time you do the same to the file again save as.... but XWX and the currect date then.

  BRYNIT 21:12 27 Feb 2005

May be a silly question but have you formated CD-RW disk first using something like Nero InCD.

  baldyx 20:56 28 Feb 2005

Thanks to all speciaaly to 'BRYNIT' who asked me a very good question re formatting the disk !

I have FORMATED the CD-RW disk using INCD, then copied all the files to the CD-RW. Then edited a file in Excel & successfully saved the same named file back to the CD-RW.

So no need to do the other things which have been suggested by other forum participants. However, thanks to ALL.

P.S. I also tried CD-R with option of multi-session but same probem as before ,i.e. the same named file is read only and cannot be saved after editing.

  BRYNIT 21:22 28 Feb 2005

Glad to be of help.

One thing I would advise is to keep two copies of your files, if one fails you have a backup and as other have mentioned CD-RW disks are not 100% stable and can fail at any time.

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