Saving Favs from Win98 to XP thankyou

  bof:) 11:30 14 Nov 2004

Hi All,

I've been asked to help a friends father to update from Win98 to XP. I've read many times on this site that the best way to install XP is onto an empty HD.

So I plan to format the hd after backing up all the files etc that are important to neighbours father. Using easy cd creator (not sure which version he has).

My neighbour says that her father has a 'huge amount' of favourites he wishes to keep. It seems that he stores everything in folders he creates in favourites.

So, using esay cd creator where do I look for the favourites on win98?

I seem to remember its right click start/programs/system but it goes blank from there.

Can I follow this pathway using easy cd creator?

or would it be better once I've found the favourites to just make another folder on the HD and copy that with easy cd creator onto cd's.

Once copied and XP installed, I think I can use the import export in files to copy them from the cd's back into his favourites.

Thanks for any help and advice,


  Diodorus Siculus 11:47 14 Nov 2004

Depends on the version of IE I belive; try file, import/export and run the wizard.

  Gongoozler 11:57 14 Nov 2004

On Windows 98 the Favorites are in the folder C:\Windows\Favorites. Copy the folder to a floppy or CD, then import from there. In XP the Favorites ar ein C:\Documents and Settings\Name\Favorites. If you want you can simply overwrite the XP Favorites folder with the Windows 98 one.

  bof:) 14:46 14 Nov 2004

many thanks both, its greatly appreciated. I want too make sure that I get everything right for neighbours father.


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