Saving documents made with Knoppix?

  Simsy 12:53 29 Jan 2005

Hi folks,

I just got hold of a Linux/Knoppix CD and thought I'd give it a try.

I was able to get it functioning, (running from CD, not installed) at a basic level; I didn't try printing/internet/scanning etc.

I was able to "see" all my HDD partitions, and I discoverd how to make them "writeable".

However, what I couldn't work out how to do, is save a document direct to hard disc. I wrote a small , (award winning!), item in Open Office Writer, and wanted to save it to my hard drive, and just couldn't work out how to do it without first saving it in the knoppix "folder", then copying it to the HD. I couldn't get to see any of the HD partitions in the "save as " dialogue box.

Is there a way of being able to do this?

I should perhaps add that I'm looking for an easy way... I don't really envisage using any form of Linux, but can see that there may be some remedial uses for the disc, as I am the "fixer" for a few family members!

Thanks in anticipation,



  octal 13:19 29 Jan 2005

I run Xandros Linux fully installed and I checked my Open Office, plus a few other applications, none of them show the Windows formatted drives, apart from file manager, which shows everything.

So it looks like the answer is no, its not so much that it can't do it, more likely the application writers haven't programmed in the facility to do it in the applications.

  Simsy 13:28 29 Jan 2005

I'll hold off ticking in case any other observations are forthcoming!

I'm a little surprised if it can't be done... but so be it!




  Jeffers22 13:37 29 Jan 2005

Go to the knoppix forum and ask there perhaps?
click here

  octal 13:40 29 Jan 2005

Incidentally, Linux will only read NTFS partitions, it won't write to them, sorry, forgot to mention that, you must be using FAT 32 to be able to read and write.

  Simsy 16:19 29 Jan 2005

My original posting was from work, and I'm now at home and have had another play...

Thanks for the FAT32 pointer. (Mine all are)

I have got to grips with saving into a folder in knoppix, then moving to a real HDD.

I also opened "Wordpad", from my windows folder, using the windows emulator, "Wine". Using this I was able to save directly to the HDD.

I was just experimenting. Thanks for your input.



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