Saving Documents to CDRom

  msmop 07:00 10 Apr 2003

Can anyone help with this one?

My daughter runs a x-stitch club on the web. Yesterday she asked me if I could save a prodject she is doing to CD, as she does not have a CD Writer. She sent me 14 E-mails with the attached documents which I have saved to CD.......but when these documents are opened they should all show pictures of various projects, but when I open them all that is seen is the outlines of the squares the pictures should be in. Is this something to do with my settings in Word or is it likely the pictures are in the files , it's just I can't see them. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it as no point in saving this work if it is incomplete. Many thanks

  MAJ 07:50 10 Apr 2003

I take it these documents are in .html format, msmop as they're for the web? If so you will also need your daughter to send the pictures to you. Burn those to the CD as well.

  Mango Grummit 08:55 10 Apr 2003

Morning msmop, forgive if I have not understood your needs correctly, but can you not grab the info straight from your daughter's site?

If the material that you are dealing with is not for general release she could just put it up just for the time it would take you to get it.


  msmop 10:46 10 Apr 2003

To clarify things. The documents my daughter has sent are for backing up as her computers hard drive is not very large. For her to backe them up to floppies would take forever. that's why she has asked me to backe them up to CD, so she does not have these files clogging up her limited space.


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