Saving data to cd-rw

  hawthorn59 12:19 16 Jun 2004

Hi all. I hope I'm posting this to the right forum!

When I want to save a copy of my data (mainly word docs) I simply write them to the cd-rw. However, a few months after doing that I decided to save them again, as some had changed, and more files had been added. So I just copied over the My Docs folder.

I would have thought that it would simply update the earlier files, and maybe it did that, but somehow I ended up with 2 copies of everything. Maybe I wrote them twice or something. There were also mp3 and midi files, with the result that the cd-rw is now FULL !

The following questions come to mind:

1 Can you delete files from the cd-rw? I tried and couldnt, it said it was "read only".

2 Is it possible to re-arrange, drag and drop, etc on the cd-rw i.e. to tidy it up, as it were?

Also a strange thing has just happened with my cd-rw. I load it up, right click, go to properties, and it says

Used 542 kb Free 254 mb

But when I right click the folder on the cd-rw (My music and Docs) it gives:

Size 349 mb, which is more realistic.

I just inserted another cd-rw, which is absolutely full, and right clicking gives a size of only 203mb !!?

Wonder whats going on?


  Smiler 12:26 16 Jun 2004

To do what you are trying to do (use a cdrw disc as a big floppy) you need to use a program such as InCD which comes with Nero. This program formats the disc and you can then drag and drop and it will overwrite earlier versions of files. You are probably using winXP which probably writes to the disc in sessions and the disc that says its full has probably been closed and can't be written to again unless you erase everthing from it and start again.

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